Frequently Asked Questions

Are phone numbers virtual numbers or do they use real sim cards?

All temporary phone numbers use real SIM cards from major US Mobile service providers.

Can I choose which area code I want my temporary phone number to have?

No, area codes are assigned randomly from across the United States.

What websites or applications do temporary phone numbers support? supports social media sites like Facebook, Tinder, and Instagram as well as dating sites like Tinder or email sites like Google and Yahoo.

What if does not support a website or service I am interested in?

There is a feature for requesting support on new websites within the web application.

How much does a temporary phone number cost?

Most temporary phone numbers cost $2.00 for a 30 minute subscription period.

How long am I able to use my phone number?

Once paid the subscription for a single service will last 30 minutes.

Can I re-use the temporary phone number I am assigned again in the future? is constantly changing the phone numbers available in its inventory. You may renew your subscription for an additional fee while the phone number remains in stock. There is no guarantee you will be able to use the same number after the initial 30 minute subscription period wears off.

Can I call or send text messages using my temporary phone number?

No, the phone number may only be used to receive verification or two-factor authentication codes (2FA) from services you have subscriptions to.

Does offer refunds for payments made?

No, refunds are not offered, but if a service is subscribed to and no incoming messages are detected during the 30 minute period then the account will not be charged credits.

If I subscribe to one service, can I receive messages from another service? For example, if I sign up to use Tinder then will Google messages be shown?

No, only the service you sign up for will be shown.

Does have an API or interface for developers to connect and use the service?

No, not currently but that service is in the works. Please login to the application and email our support team for any special requests.

Does offer bulk phone numbers at a discount?

Login to our web application and message our support team to discuss possible bulk arrangements.

What country do the phone numbers from Tardigrada originate from?

All temporary phone numbers are based in the USA and have +1 as their country code.