YouTube: ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error Fixed

September 17, 2022

Are you seeing this message on Youtube? Let’s see how we can help.

YouTube is a web platform that allows global access to videos online. For many of its users, it is a resource that provides them with endless amounts of information and learning opportunities. Participants can become their own creators, make their own channels, and even become famous. The versatility of YouTube makes the platform desirable for all types of content creators.

You will see content spanning from education to tech resources, as well as education and music. The platform has grown exponentially in the last ten years and features content from people of all ages and backgrounds. For many, YouTube is similar to Google in the sense that if you are looking for an answer or for how to do something, you will find directions in the form of informative directions or DIY videos.

Why Am I Getting the ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error Message on YouTube?

It can be hopelessly frustrating when the YouTube “Something Went Wrong” error message appears on your screen. This error causes the user not to be able to stream the video, or the content that you are trying to watch will not load. Oftentimes, when this message appears, it means that there is a loss of connectivity, and the platform can no longer be accessed. This is disruptive and can slow down your day, as well as being a major inconvenience.

See these common reasons why this error may be occurring:

  • Poor Internet Connection

  • Loading Errors

  • The Browser You Are Using May Not Support This Type of Video

  • Software Issues

  • Restrictions

Another reason is detailed below:

Issues with Cookies or Cache.

The error message may occur while the video is loading on YouTube or in the middle of watching a video. Users have also experienced this message when trying to access their accounts. Regardless of when this error is occurring, you can see our section below on how to troubleshoot this error.

How to Correct This Error

Restart your internet router or reconnect your cellular network

Your internet connection could be the problem. YouTube is a streaming platform that requires a strong network connection in order for the videos to load without any issues.

Reload the internet page or application

This step can refresh any loading or connectivity issues that may be occurring on your browser or app.

You can also try logging out of your YouTube account and then logging back in

This step can also refresh any loading issues that could be occurring.

Restart your mobile device or computer

Restarting your device will help reset any connections and applications.

Update your browser or YouTube app to the most current version

If you have followed the tips that are located above and are still experiencing this error, your browser may be the issue. Update your browser or app to the most current version to make sure that any previous bugs or glitches are not causing this problem.

Try using a browser supported by the platform, such as Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the browser that is preferred to access Youtube on, as it is optimized for the platform.

Clear the cache, cookies, or history of the browser you are accessing the platform on

Clearing the cache, cookies, or history of YouTube and or the browser can clear any errors in the system.

If on mobile, reset your network settings

Resetting the network settings on your mobile device is another way to reset the connection between the platform and your Wifi or cellular connection.

Allow all cookies on the browser

Access your settings. Be sure to click on the “Allow all Cookies” option. If certain cookies are blocked by the browser, the application will not load properly, causing the YouTube “Something Went Wrong” Error.

Still Lost? YouTube Troubleshooting Help and Alternative Options

If you have used these tips and are still experiencing the “Something Went Wrong”** **YouTube

error message, there are some extra troubleshooting tips you can try to receive some extra help.

Here are some additional tips:

  • If you have the Chrome extension “YouTube Flash Video Player 57.0.” delete it and reinstall

  • If you are watching age-restricted content, make sure you log into an 18+ account, or the content will not be able to be viewed.

  • Make sure that the “Restricted Content” setting on your account is off,

Some content will not be accessible with this setting enabled.

If on a computer, disable the Anti-Virus of your system.

Anti-virus programs on your device may impede YouTube’s content. If you are going to take this step, proceed with caution, as uninstalling the Anti-Virus program on your device may expose your system to other dangers.

Reach out to YouTube for support

YouTube support can help provide additional insights on the **“Oops Something Went Wrong” **message and help with what may be happening with your account. Click here to learn how to contact YouTube support and get back onto the platform for all your browsing needs.

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