YouTube Playlist Missing? Find the Quick Solution Here

October 22, 2022

Can’t find your playlist on Youtube? Let’s see how we can help.

YouTube is an internet platform that provides its users with global access to videos online. For many of its users, it is a way to connect to information and learning opportunities, as well as catch up with their favorite music videos and creators. Users can even create their own channels, have users subscribed, and become famous.

YouTube Playlist Missing? How to Find it (non-infographic)

The versatility of YouTube makes the platform attractive to a large audience of diverse crowds. Content spans from sopping hauls to meditation videos, as well as pranks and yoga classes. The platform has grown a lot since its initial creation and features content from all over the world.

For many, YouTube can teach you anything you need to know; some even call it a university of sorts to teach them countless skills.

What Happened to My Youtube Playlist?

Playlists can be extremely personal and close to the heart. We know that some spend hours hand-curating them. A playlist can be a reflection of one’s personality and include countless hours of music personally tailored for the listener’s enjoyment.

We understand that it could be earth-shattering to lose a playlist and leave you in extreme trauma if it has been ripped from your library without any explanation. This may be a bit exaggerated, but here at Tardigrada, we understand how important music is. Here are some reasons why your playlist may have gone missing on your Youtube account.

You may have poor internet or cellular connection.

A weak internet connection may be the issue that is causing your playlists t go missing. Disconnect your device from its connection to the internet, or toggle airplane mode on your phone. If you pair this with our tips below, you might see your playlists appear in your youtube library.

The app or browser needs to be refreshed

Another issue that could be happening is that your app or browser needs to be refreshed. Take a quick step to troubleshoot by exiting the browser or app to refresh the connection. Once you reopen the app, you can check to see if your playlist is back.

The app needs to be updated

Check to see what version of the app you have downloaded on your phone. If it is an older version, this may be causing certain parts of your youtube library to go missing. If your app is not up to date, take the extra time to update it. Once you do this, check to see if your playlist appears. If this does not work, continue reading on to our next tips to solve this error.

How to Recover My Youtube Playlist?

Here are some easy-to-do tips if your Youtube playlist has gone missing from your saved videos. Don’t worry! Hopefully, we will be able to help you get it back into your library in no time.

Restart your internet router or reconnect your cellular network

Your internet connection could be the problem. YouTube is a streaming platform that requires a strong network connection in order for the videos to load without any issues.

Reload the internet page or application to refresh the connection

This step can refresh any loading or connectivity issues that may be occurring on your browser or app.

Something you can also try, is logging out of your YouTube account and then logging back in

This step can also refresh any loading issues that could be occurring.

Restart your mobile device or computer

Restarting your device will help reset any connections and applications.

Update your browser or YouTube app to the most current version

If you have followed the tips that are located above and are still experiencing this error, your browser may be the issue. Update your browser or app to the most current version to make sure that any previous bugs or glitches are not causing this problem.

Try using a browser supported by the platform, such as Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the browser that is preferred to access Youtube on, as it is optimized to support the youtube platform.

Still Can’t Find Your Playlist on Youtube? Try These Tips

Here are some additional steps you can take to recover your playlist.

Clear the cache, cookies, or history of the browser you are accessing the platform on

Clearing the cache, cookies, or history of YouTube and or the browser can clear any errors in the system that could be making your playlist go missing.

If on mobile, reset your network settings

Resetting the network settings on your mobile device is another way to reset the connection between the platform and your Wifi or cellular connection. This might help certain items on your youtube to appear if they have not loaded previously.

Allow all cookies on the browser

Access your settings. Be sure to click on the “Allow all Cookies” option. If certain cookies are blocked by the browser, the application will not load properly. This might result in parts of your youtube playlist library going missing.

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