Windows File Error: How to Troubleshoot

December 10, 2022

Are you receiving an error message or a black screen on your Windows File? We can help get your access back.

Windows is an operating system created by Microsoft. This system houses many different functions of your computer. A Windows File is a file that the Windows system needs to have in order to function. Without these files, the Windows operating system will not know how to operate and can cause noticeable issues with your computer.

Windows File Error (non-infographic)

Any corruption, deletion, or other issues with these files can prevent your computer from working properly or prevent you from accessing important parts of your computer system. If your Windows files have been corrupted or if you are receiving a Windows file error message, this article may provide some support in resolving this matter.

Reasons for Receiving an Error Message on Your File on Windows

If you are receiving a file system error in Windows ten or on any other Windows operating system, see the topics below for some reasons why this is occurring. Matching your situation to the options below may help in guiding you to find the right answer for why this issue is occurring on your device.


Could your computer be targeted by viruses? It is possible. Viruses impact the functionality and performance of your device. If there is a virus present on your device, your applications may begin crashing, or your computer may turn off. Even worse, you may not notice at all.

Issues with other apps

Some apps may be conflicting with the Windows File Explorer, resulting in loading errors. If you have recently downloaded any applications that are new or have new software that is not compatible with your Windows software, this may be the cause of this issue.

Other files may be corrupt

If your files have been corrupted prior to this issue occurring, they will be unable to be opened by the Windows file explorer. Files can be corrupted if they were not saved properly, such as if your computer turned off or crashed prior to the file saving. Viruses and other types of malware can also result in the corruption of files stored on your device’s hard drive.

How to Solve the Windows File Error Message

To solve the windows file system error, read our tips below!

Update your file driver

A file driver, or device driver, is a group of files that tell your system how to operate properly. They do this by communicating with the operating system of your device. Without the file driver, your operating system will not know how to carry out the functions it needs. To update or troubleshoot your device driver go to the Windows taskbar.

From there, enter the device manager. From there, select device manager. Once you see options populate, you can select a category that will reveal the names of your devices. To select these devices, you will need to right-click on them and then hold down on the one you wish to update.

To finish, you will need to select the search automatically option. Once you do this, you can proceed to select the updated driver software. Finally, select update driver.

Check your device for viruses or malware

If you have any possible reason to believe that your device’s files have been corrupted by a virus, you will need to check your device for any malware. If you have an anti-virus program, you can scan for viruses there. If you do not have an anti-virus or anti-malware program installed on your phone, you can install one that can remove any existing viruses from your device.

This will hopefully clear your device of any issues, but it may not revert corrupted files to their previously stored versions.

Run a checker scan for system files

A system file checker scan can help to troubleshoot the Windows Files issue by providing more information on the status of a corrupted file or file that isn’t loading. To do this, you can click the start option on your Windows operating software. Then type CMD in the search bar that appears, which is short for COMMAND.

You will now need to right-click CMD.exe. Then, select the run as administrator option. When you are prompted by the (UAC) command, select the yes option to proceed. In the prompt Window that appears, type SFC/scannow. You then will need to press the enter key once this appears.

This system will check the Windows files and see what status they are, such as whether they are corrupted or functioning well. Most importantly, is that this system will work to repair any files that need repairing and, therefore, may solve the loading issue that you are experiencing.

Still Not Working? Try These Troubleshooting Tips

If you are still experiencing the Windows file system error, here are some additional tips to continue troubleshooting.

Restart your computer

Shut down your device and power it back on to reset your system. Often this may help with any issues occurring with your Windows system, but it may not restore corrupted files.

Close out all apps

Close out all apps that you have open on your Windows operating system. They may be interfering with the Windows File Explorer.

Get help

Click here for additional support from Microsoft. Their Forum may have some answers to your file issue and can provide more insight into any possible causes.

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