WhatsApp Message Won’t Send? We Can Help!

September 10, 2022

Frustrated by undelivered Whatsapp messages? We can help. See our tips below on how to solve this problem.

WhatsApp is an international messaging platform that allows its users to connect with each other globally. Users can send voice messages, gifs, photos, and videos, without relying on cellular service. With centralized messaging services as well as voice-over-IP service, this American platform is preferred by users to stay in touch with their contacts no matter where they are in the world.

Why Won’t WhatsApp Message Send?

Unfortunately, this platform has some glitches, and users are being notified that their messages are not being sent or received. They begin to wonder, “Why are my Whatsapp messages not going through?" or, “Why won’t my WhatsApp message send?”

This notification can appear as an alert stating, “Message Won’t Send.” As a result, the message won’t open, and the communication between friends and family can be lost in translation or, more particularly, never received in the first place.

Users may try to send more messages to try to fix the problem, but oftentimes this just causes more problems. If you find yourself with an issue such as this, see the section below for some troubleshooting tips to solve the problem.

How to Fix Whatsapp Messages Not Going Through?

Here are troubleshooting tips that can help solve why your Whatsapp messages are not going through to the receiver:

1. Check your Internet Connection

The first step that we recommend is to check your internet connection. A bad internet connection or service connection can cause the messages not to be able to be sent, therefore, not received by the recipient. If you have a poor connection, try reconnecting to Wi-Fi or cellular. Often, the connection needs to be reconnected to function correctly and fix the WhatsApp “Message Won’t Send” error.

2. Close the App or Browser

Another recommendation is to close the app completely or exit out of the browser page or recent history and try to send the message again. The platform often needs to be reloaded to refresh the connection and loading data.

3. Restart your Device

Another option is to restart your cellular device or computer. This will refresh all the connections as well as reset any malfunctions that could have occurred.

4. Log Out from the App

Log completely out of the app, wait a few minutes, then log back in. This can help to refresh the platform.

5. Try to Reinstall the App

If you have taken the steps located above and still find that your messages aren’t going through, you can delete the app entirely from your device. From there, you can redownload the app, log back in, ensure your connection is good, and try to resend the message.

If these options do not work, see the instances below:

  • The contact number you are trying to send a message to may have been saved incorrectly on your end. Make sure the phone number you entered is correct, up to date, is working, and has the correct area code.
  • You may have been blocked by the contact. Click on the link to learn more about how to find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp.
  • You may have completed the verification process incorrectly. See the “Alternative Solutions if This Doesn’t Work” section for more information on this instance.

Alternative Solutions if This Doesn’t Work

Check out these additional troubleshooting tips if you have followed the above information and still receive the “Message Won’t Send” notification on the WhatsApp platform:

Update the App

Updating the app from the app store, or update the web browser you are accessing the platform on, can help fix bugs and glitches. This action is an extra troubleshooting step to ensure your messages go through.

Update the Software on Your Device

Updating the software of your device can help fix bugs and glitches that are occurring. Take this step as an extra troubleshooting step to ensure your messages go through.

Reach out to WhatsApp Support

You can also reach out to WhatsApp’s support team for extra help. If none of these tips solved the issue, something else might happen with your account or connection to the platform. WhatsApp can assist with any problems you may have. Click here to contact WhatsApp for help.

Change Your Phone Number on the Account to Help with Verification Purposes

Enter a temporary number if you would like to use a brand new phone number separate from your personal and pre-registered number for verification purposes.

This will allow you to register for an unlimited number of accounts with a pay-as-you-go feature, and the number can easily be changed as needed. This number can also be used to ensure that the verification process is done correctly, as it receives SMS verification codes.

Register for a new account

Registering for a new account with WhatsApp is another option. You can use this new account to troubleshoot and see if the same problems occur with the existing account. If you then find no further issues, you can have access to an active account until you find out what is going on with your first account.

Another plus is that you can also message your contacts and update them on what is going on with your account. You can use a rented phone number to create an unlimited amount of accounts and never be without access to your online account.

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