3 Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number for Business

July 30, 2022

Virtual phone numbers may be the key to your business success. Let’s explore the benefits of renting online phone numbers for your company.

With the increasing needs and demands from your business associates and customers, using telephone or cellphone lines to operate your business doesn’t cut it anymore. You need to have a more reliable and seamless form of communication that can grant access to you and your business whenever you want. The limitations of using telephone lines could affect the growth of your business, hence why you need a virtual phone number.

Virtual Phone Numbers for Business (non-infographic)

A virtual phone number counters all the limitations that your regular telephone lines have and, as a result, is the best fit for every business, including yours. It grants you broad accessibility while still providing you with a layer of privacy. In this article, we will discuss what a virtual phone number is and how it can benefit your business.

What Is a Virtual Phone Number, and How to Get One?

A virtual phone number is like your regular phone number, but without any link to a telephone cell tower or a specific phone or location. Instead, a virtual phone number is linked to a cloud service and can be accessed with the availability of a reliable internet connection. Virtual numbers don’t need sim cards to work. You make and receive calls via VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

It benefits all businesses, even remote workers since the world is now moving towards allowing a remote work environment. A survey of 1300 CEOs confirmed that 69% are now leaning towards a virtual workforce, as reported in Forbes.

With a virtual phone number, you can be available for business nationwide without any restrictions. You can redirect calls from one number to another or a different IP address. It allows for great flexibility and control over what device to use, who can access the virtual number, and the location to register the virtual number on.

You must be wondering how to access a virtual number because of its above features. Well, there are several ways you can get a virtual phone number. You can purchase a virtual number from a virtual number provider like Google voice, and this would allow you to make and receive calls with the number.

You can also purchase a virtual phone system. This usually comes in a package, where you would pay for the virtual phone number and the number of minutes assigned to the number. For example, you can purchase three virtual phone numbers with 3000 minutes, and once you’ve exhausted the minutes for the numbers, you can no longer access them unless you buy another package.

You can choose either of the above ways, depending on what suits your business the most.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Phone Number for Business

Using virtual phone numbers has many incredible benefits for your business. It can generate more leads and increase your business’s growth margin. Even households now gear towards virtual phone numbers because they want to reduce telephone costs. Virtual phone numbers may be the key to your business success. Let’s explore the benefits of online phone numbers for your company.

Establish a local presence

If you run an online business, it is not as easy to build your trust in all your customers, especially with those from different regions or countries. However, a local presence could change your customers’ views of your business. But how do you establish a local presence in a country different from where your physical business is situated?

This is where the virtual number comes into play. The virtual number allows multiple numbers across different regions or countries. These numbers can serve your customer care number for each online location. So, when your customers know they can reach your locally via the virtual number used in their country, they feel more at ease requesting your services. Knowing they can access the numbers whenever they want to, and it will go through keeps their doubts at bay.

Also, it helps your customers cut the cost of calling your business internationally. They don’t have to pay extra fees to reach you because you are international since the virtual number is registered for their country.

Keep your personal information safe

When reaching out to your business partners and customers via your telephone line, your personal information is at risk of exposure to unauthorized people. Your location can get leaked, which could put you in great danger. You might even get unwanted people calling you, using your business as an excuse, just because they now have access to your line.

However, a virtual phone number keeps your work life separate from your personal life without compromising privacy. With a virtual phone number, you do not need to share your contact with any business associate or customers in the business’s name.

This benefit is significant to start-up businesses and sole proprietorships. These businesses are usually handled by one to very few people and, as a result, could be at risk of exposing personal information because they don’t have a business virtual phone number and are quick to give out their numbers to connect more with their customers.

Obtain social media benefits for small businesses

A virtual phone number allows you to create an online presence via social media for your business. With traditional cellphone numbers, there is a limit to the number of accounts you can create on social media. In order to reach as many of your target audience as possible and across the world, you need multiple numbers for different regions and countries, and that is possible with a virtual phone number.

Once you’ve established the multiple phone numbers that you need, you can attract many prospective customers from different regions of the world. This would also build their loyalty to you when they know you are available online.

Let Your Business Thrive by Renting Phone Number Online

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