How to Solve “Invalid Phone Number” on Venmo

August 13, 2022

Recently change phone plans and can’t log in to Venmo? Let’s solve this!

Why Is a Phone Number Invalid on Venmo?

If you need help logging into your Venmo account, here are some instances that could be occurring and are preventing you from being able to log in:

  • To sign into your Venmo account, you must use the email, phone number, or username that you signed up with, along with your current password.
  • Venmo needs to send a verification code due to their Multifactor Authentication (MFA). This is necessary to confirm your identity if it is not being received to your phone number you won’t be able to log on or access your account.
  • If your phone number is appearing as invalid on Venmo, one or more of these factors is occurring that are preventing you from being able to log on or receive the verification code.

How to Solve “Invalid Phone Number” on Venmo (non-infographic)

Here are some scenarios that you may find yourself to be in:

  • If you are unable to receive the verification code, sign in by selecting “I don’t have access to this phone” or contacting the support team at Venmo.
  • If your phone number has changed, see this article, or sign in from a device that you’ve previously used to access Venmo. By doing this, you might be able to skip the security code prompt. Now, you can update your phone number once you can sign in. We recommend updating your phone number with a temporary phone number that can be accessed from anywhere and won’t be dependent on one sole account, tied to a traditional phone line.
  • Sometimes emails and text messages are delayed. Try to select “Send code again”, or check your spam or junk folder for a code sent to your email address. If the code you received is not working, there might be a Venmo verification error. Sign in again to get a new code.

VoIP vs Non-Voip Numbers on Venmo

VoIP numbers are fixed, or otherwise attached to a physical address. A non-VoIP number is non-fixed and is not restricted to any physical location or IP address. Additionally, VoIP phone numbers connect to the public switched telephone network, or PSTN through a SIP trunk, which is the Session Initiation Protocol. This system establishes calls and maintains the connection between phone systems. Non-VoIP numbers can connect to the PSTN through this SIP trunk, but more often, have no reliance on the telephone network. VoIP numbers are not as easy to get as non-VoIP numbers since they are not assigned to any physical location. Ideally, non-VoIP numbers are a better choice for Venmo use as they do not need to be attached to one location and can be reliant on your own sim card. Venmo has requirements for its users in order to use the platform.

Requirements are:

  • You must be located in the U.S.
  • Must have a U.S. cell phone that can send and receive text messages.
  • Be at least 18 years old.

Due to these requirements, a non-VoIP number for Venmo is a virtual number that will be most ideal to use for this platform. The virtual number that you can rent must be US based and be able to receive text messages. These types of numbers can be temporary, as they will only be needed for SMS verification and to have a phone number registered to the account.

Do I Need a Phone Number to use Venmo?

You will need a phone number in order to create a Venmo account and be able to access it. This phone number is used to verify your identity as well as your device. Using a rented phone number will allow you to register a temporary number with Venmo rather than using your personal phone number. This is preferable as personal numbers contain much of our personal information such as full name and location, which makes users on this financial platform easy to be targetted by hacks or scams.

Troubleshooting Steps for Venmo Verification

Check your internet connection

A lack of signal might be preventing the verification from being sent to your device. Check your connection and ensure it is at full strength or reconnect your wifi to ensure that the verification can be sent without fail.

Check your phone number is correct

If you misentered your phone number, the verification code will not be received by your device, causing the sequence to fail. Check that your phone number is entered correctly and is up to date on the site.

Restart your devices

Restarting your devices may refresh your device’s data fetching and allow for the verification to come through. If this does not work, go ahead and now try to resend the verification code to your newly restarted device. This will reset any previous issues that may have been due to your device needing to be restarted.

Log in with your email and try a different phone number

Try entering a previously known phone number. This may be a phone number you had registered previously with the account or another phone number that could have had access to your account. If the phone number is still incorrect, see the first section of this article for other situations that can occur.

Rent a Disposable Phone Number for Venmo Verification

Renting a temporary phone number for Venmo such as a VoIP number will allow you to register a new number that is not associated with your account. This will prevent any spam or leaks of information that can occur with registering your personal phone number online. A disposable number can be replaced by a new one in case of any privacy breaches, making your information secure and your accounts up to date with the newest preventative security measures. There are numerous reasons to use non-VoIP phone numbers such as to ensure privacy, shop online, and protect against data theft. Additionally, if this doesn’t work, you can try to bypass the Venmo phone verification to ensure future access to your account.