What Can a Rented U.S. Phone Number Do?

July 9, 2022

Many are realizing the possibilities of virtual phone numbers. In this article, we’ll cover the best services and benefits you can access with one.

An Alternative to VoIP Numbers

For those already aware of virtual phone numbers, VoIP-type numbers look to be a good decision for those considering their options. And to an extent, this assumption has much reason to it. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows one to make calls using an internet connection instead of a phone line. It has been a semi-reliable option for those who may just want access to both calling and messaging services. However, even within this sphere of expertise one may be liable to finding trouble.

USA Rented Phone Numbers: What Are the Benefits? (non-infographic)

One large setback is that not all VoIP providers grant secure transmissions to their clients. Along with not being able to perform as many duties as a rented number sourced from U.S. carriers, there can also be a large security risk for those unaware of such a disadvantage. For reasons the likes of which will be placed in detail below, a U.S.-carrier-based phone number can simply do much more than VoIP whilst gracing the consumer with ease of use and privacy.

Revealing the Virtual Possibilities

Although it is not a method fully integrated into current society, renting virtual phone numbers has proven useful even in an ever-changing technological landscape. Where new and exciting innovations such as texting and the emergence of social media have rapidly developed over the past decade, so to have new uses for the telephone number. And with the continued importance of said numbers, their usefulness has only increased by giving consumers access to much more than just calls and voicemails. With all this in mind, being able to acquire an extra number or two can show itself to be a worthwhile investment for those willing to go the extra mile.

Privacy and Security to Your Personal Caller I.D.

One major function of rentable numbers is the added layer of security they provide the user. When using anything that requires a phone number for verification or use, providing one’s own personal phone number can at times be quite risky. If a hacker of decent skill happens to run upon your number, they can take advantage of the situation in ways that could seriously damage your life. Luckily, with a separate virtual number, one can skip this anxiety-inducing concept and guard their personal information against being targeted by malicious entities.

Access to Regional Streaming Providers

For those who wish to get the most out of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, or even Hulu, renting a phone number solves the issue of access to their U.S. counterparts immediately. Instead of paying extra for a VPN that may be illegal to use in some countries such as China, one can easily create an account with a virtual U.S.-based number and stream as they wish. Such a function looks even better when considering that one can move locations without the hassle of losing movies or television shows exclusive to services like U.S. HBO Max and U.S. Netflix.

Increased Access to Social Media and Verification

With it being extremely beneficial for influencers and those wishing to take advantage of the openings created by social media giants, renting a phone number can be a step in the right direction, in a digital space. With an extra phone number, anyone can create and verify multiple accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and many other platforms alike. This freedom can allow the user to boost their own account, grant space to promote something more than their personal whims, or whatever else one can imagine with an extra verifiable account.

What Rented Numbers Can Do for the Ambitious Entrepreneur

With the many services listed above, a rented phone number is certainly a worthwhile endeavor to invest in. However, what may not seem as clear is the benefits a virtual number can hold for the common business or entrepreneur. In fact, many of the functions above can be styled to enhance one’s business or financial pursuits. Need a bit more privacy to protect you and your business from cyber-attacks? Employing a rented number can save one from dealing with unwanted personal information leaking. Such a characteristic begins to truly show its potential when thinking about those who utilize an increased amount of short-term workers.

Using a separate phone number when in contact with these groups of people can prevent any unwanted relations or even attacks from happening when said temporary workers finish their contracts. Another fruitful element of rented phone numbers certain to attract businesses wishing to keep up with the times is access to impersonal and verifiable social media accounts. WIth said function, one can utilize applications like Instagram and Twitter to promote their business whilst keeping their professional and personal information separate. And especially for those whose businesses target American markets, having a U.S.-based phone number can be a big help when dealing with international calling and messaging fees.

What it Means for the Common Consumer

Concerning the everyday individual, renting a phone number is a small, yet worthy investment to add to the budget. For fairly little, anyone can access a U.S.-based phone number and the benefits that come with it. A more private individual can always benefit from a separate rentable phone number, as it not only gives them access to a plethora of U.S.-based services but also allows for the protection of identity while doing so. Though such a concept might sound like something more for businesses, all entities can be taken advantage of by hackers, and oftentimes it is better to lean on the safer side especially when it comes to an issue of security.

How to Access Virtual Numbers at Home and Abroad

Luckily for everyone, renting a U.S.-based phone number has never been so simple. There are many websites and services that offer virtual phone numbers at fair prices. One service that has proven reliable in the business is Tardigrada.io. Since 2020, Tardigrada has worked diligently to provide its clients with usable U.S.-based numbers while also holding user security as a pillar of their business practice. A tool that can be used by both the business and working classes, virtual phone numbers are the utility one often doesn’t know they need. With reliable providers like Tardigrada, unlocking all the possibilities is just a few clicks away.