The Benefits of a U.S. Phone Number

July 16, 2022

Whether you’re located internationally or based in the U.S, phones are a crucial part of daily life. Find out how a U.S. number can enhance your life.

How U.S. Numbers and International Numbers Differ

Phones have become one of our basic necessities in our daily lives. They’re used in every aspect of our routine- work, friends, family, school, no matter what you consider an important aspect of your life, guarantee you use your phone to manage it. Regardless of where you live, or where you grew up, there is a high chance that you have a working phone number (or need one).

USA Phone Number Benefits (non-infographic)

However, phone numbers are widely different throughout the world. The traditional use of phone numbers is straightforward; your phone company provides you with a phone number, and if you’re in range of a cell tower your call goes through. The problem is most numbers don’t have the ability to make international calls, and if they do, they can be costly.

The Federal Communications Commission (or FCC) explains how calling internationally can be costly, even in the U.S. most providers can charge upwards of five dollars per minute. This means that an hour-long phone call can cost you over three hundred dollars. This is a hefty price, especially if you want to keep up communication with people abroad on a daily basis.

There are also several physical differences in U.S. phone numbers that might not be obvious to someone who’s never had an American phone number before. Here are a few examples of how they’re different:

  • Other countries go out of their way to specify if a number is a landline or mobile by giving it a certain code, so people can identify an unknown number. A United States number has no specific indication if a number is a landline or a mobile number. This usually makes people hesitant to answer a random number, because they’re uncertain if it’s a spam caller or not.
  • There is a huge range of area codes across the states alone. Some states can have a handful of different area codes. Within states, such as California, most people can recognize where a caller is calling from depending on the area code.

Why a U.S. Phone Number?

Besides the most obvious reason for getting an American number (which is avoiding a huge bill as you call overseas), there are several benefits to having a United States number, as well as keeping your current number. These benefits are for everyone- not just people who may be interested in pursuing business ventures or working in the States. An American number can be beneficial to everyone. Here are a few reasons why a U.S.A phone number can be helpful to you, separated by whether you’d use it in your daily life, or more of a business approach.

Daily Life Uses

Are you just trying to increase your quality of life, or reduce the frustration you experience with the limitation of your region’s number? Here are a few reasons you should have a second number based in the U.S.A.

  1. More Range in Dating Apps: Most dating apps are based on location. While you can change your range, sometimes this range isn’t as far as you like. If you’re interested in the dating scene in America, a U.S.-based phone number can be the best bet for you. Tardigrada offers short-term rentals of phone numbers to create dating profiles on apps like Tinder and Grindr. With these phone numbers, dating apps will recognize your phone number as one based in the states and connect you with others who are also in that area.
  2. Better Content on Streaming Services: Are you tired of the same movies and tv shows on streaming services like Netflix and HBO Max? Most people know that the content on these streaming services is based on location for the most part. Because these streaming services consider their demographic (and that includes location), some things may be unavailable to you in your region because it isn’t something that appeals to the larger demographic. However, you don’t need to follow in the steps of everyone else around you! Renting a United States phone number and using it to register any streaming service, not just Netflix and HBO will unlock all kinds of content from America.
  3. Higher Call Quality: Do you have friends and family you’d love to keep in contact with, but they live in America? It can be frustrating to set up calls and keep in contact- time zones and daily life is an issue alone. It can be even more frustrating when you get time to call, and the quality of your call is terrible. This can be because of the distance between you two, but with an American number, your call quality can highly increase. If you’re calling someone often, this can help with the constant caller fees.

Business Uses

Maybe you’re interested in starting a business in America. Thanks to current technology, you can get your business off of the ground from where you’re located. There’s no need to stress about moving or paying employees overseas. Here are a few reasons why a U.S. phone number can help grow your business.

  1. A Professional Look: If you want to base your business and consumers in the U.S., an American phone number will offer a more appealing look for American customers. Many United States citizens are hesitant to answer a call that they don’t know. But if it’s a call from an international number, there’s a high chance they won’t answer at all. An American phone number looks more trust worth to them.
  2. Wider Range of Customers: If you have multiple numbers, you can reach potential customers worldwide. Having a wide range of numbers for different countries (including the United States) can make your business more appealing to consumers.
  3. Specific Consumer Locations: On the opposite end, if you are looking for a specific demographic, getting a specific area code for your phone number can help that. If you’re looking for an ideal demographic, getting a number in your area code can help with that. When numbers are recognizable, people are more likely to answer, even if they don’t have them saved.

How Can You Get a U.S. Phone Number?

Are you ready to get a phone number located in the United States? American phone numbers are not only reserved for people living in America. As a consumer, these phone numbers are available worldwide, but depending on where you’re shopping, these prices can skyrocket. gives you the option of renting a phone number on a short-term basis, so you can see if a U.S. phone number is right for you. sells phone numbers all across the world, for whatever you may need. Whether it be for the verification process in apps, streaming services, or starting a new business, can be the key you need to start accessing the benefits of using an American phone number.