Understanding Common Searches Related to Virtual Phone Numbers and Online Verification Services

July 8, 2023

虚拟手机号 (Virtual Phone Number)

This refers to a non-physical phone number, often used for privacy reasons or online verifications.

接 码 & 接码 (Receive Code)

These searches are for services that provide verification codes for online accounts.

接 码 平台 (Code Receiving Platform)

This search is for platforms that provide temporary or virtual phone numbers for receiving verification codes.

虚拟 手机 号 (Virtual Mobile Number)

Similar to “virtual phone number,” but specifies mobile numbers.

微信注册, 微信 注册, & 注册微信 (WeChat Registration)

These are searches for how to register a WeChat account, a popular social media app in China.

验证码 & 验证 码 (Verification Code)

These terms refer to codes sent for verifying an account or user.

临时 手机 号 & 临时手机号 (Temporary Mobile Number)

These searches are for temporary or disposable mobile numbers for use in one-time verifications or registrations.

手机 号 & 手机号 (Mobile Number)

These could be searches for mobile numbers in general.

موقع ارقام امريكية (American Numbers Site)

An Arabic search for websites providing American phone numbers.

免费接码平台 & 免费 接 码 平台 (Free Code Receiving Platform)

These refer to platforms that provide verification code services for free.

微 信号 查 手机 号 (Check Mobile Number From WeChat)

A search on how to check or find a mobile number through WeChat.

微信 小 号 & 微信小号 (WeChat Small Number)

These likely refer to auxiliary or secondary WeChat accounts.

虚拟 号码 & 虚拟 号 (Virtual Number)

These terms are more general versions of “virtual phone number.”

虚拟 电话 & 虚拟电话号码 (Virtual Telephone)

Another way to search for virtual phone numbers.

虚拟号码接收短信 (Virtual Number For Receiving Messages)

A search for virtual numbers that can receive SMS messages, often for verification purposes.

sms接码平台 & 短信接码 (SMS Receiving Code Platform)

These refer to platforms that provide verification codes via SMS.

免费接码 & 免费 接 码 (Free Receive Code)

Searches for services offering free receipt of verification codes.

在线接码 (Online Receive Code)

This refers to online services for receiving verification codes.

美国 接 码 平台 & 美国 接 码 (US Code Receiving Platform)

These are searches for platforms that provide US-based virtual phone numbers.

中国 虚拟 手机 号 & 中国虚拟手机号 (China Virtual Mobile Number)

Searches for Chinese-based virtual mobile numbers.

手机 验证 码 (Mobile Verification Code)

A search for verification codes sent to mobile numbers.

注册微信号 (Register WeChat Number)

Similar to “微信注册.”

短信验证码 (SMS Verification Code)

Similar to “短信接码.”

验证 码 接收 (Verification Code Receipt)

A search for receiving verification codes.