(2022) Uber Eats Checkout Not Loading

November 26, 2022

Can’t check out your food on Uber Eats? Get answers here.

Uber Eats is a delivery service provided by the Uber company. With Uber Eats, you can get food delivered directly to you. You can select which restaurant you would like to order from and never have to pick up the phone and make a call. You can also see where your delivery driver is through the map view on the app.

Uber Eats Checkout Not Loading (non-infographic)

For those that enjoy food service, this service is desirable because you never have to leave your home. If you are trying to order but are experiencing loading issues in your Uber Eats checkout, we have some reasons why this is occurring.

In this article, we will also give you ways that you can resolve this issue on your own and ensure that your food will make it to your home just in time for dinner.

Why is My Uber Eats Checkout Not Loading?

For reasons why the Uber Eats Checkout is not loading, see the common reasons located below.

You need new software

If your Uber Eats app has not been updated, the app may not load properly. Be sure to check on the app store if there are any updates available for Uber Eats. While doing this, check to see that your device is updated with the newest updated software available. If your software is out-of-date, you may experience loading issues.

In your settings, you can see if there are any updates available. If so, download them and see if you are able to check out your Uber Eats order.

The Uber Eats server is down

Another reason for the Uber Eats checkout loading issue is that the server is currently down. To check the server, you can click here. If the server is, in fact, down, you will have to wait until the server is active again in order to make a Uber Eats purchase.

How to Fix Ubereats Checkout Loading Issue?

Here are some additional tips to fix the Uber Eats app or Uber Eats checkout loading issue.

Troubleshoot the app

Cache and app data store preferences on apps and also work to increase the speed of the app, as well as the user interface. Cache and data often become corrupted. Those corrupted versions are then kept on the app, resulting in glitches and other problems, such as loading issues.

Glitches from third-party vendors, or certain sellers, maybe the cause of your inability to checkout your order on Uber Eats. Ideally, the Uber Eats server would be able to handle issues such as this. In the meantime, in order to resolve this, you can follow our next recommendations.

Access the settings app on your phone. Select the apps option. Select Uber Eats, and then select storage. Then, clear the data by selecting delete data. Once doing this, you will need to log back into Uber Eats and re-attempt the checkout.

Another option you can try is to remove all your items from your cart. Then re-add them. See if this helps to allow the order to load.

Clear app data and cache on Chrome

To clear the data on Chrome, open a new Chrome webpage. In the very top right corner of the Chrome screen, you will see an icon of three little dots. Once you select this icon, select the more tools option. Select the clear browsing data option. Clear the data by selecting the corresponding button. Return to your Uber Eats checkout on that same browser, and see if the loading issue is still occurring.

More Options to Fix the Uber Eats Checkout Loading Issue

If Uber Eats is still not loading, or the tips above just won’t get uber eats to load, it’s time to try something else.

Troubleshoot your connection

In order to access Uber Eats and check out your food, you will need to have an internet connection in order to place the order. If you have a weak connection, your order will not be placed, therefore resulting in a loading issue. Let’s begin by checking the strength of your internet connection.

You can do this by looking at your wifi or cellular connection in your settings. If you do, in fact, have a weak connection, you will need to connect to wifi that is stronger or more stable. Once you are able to do so, you can attempt your Uber Eats checkout. To troubleshoot your connection, you can toggle airplane mode or simply disconnect or reconnect to your wifi.

Once you have done that, wait a few seconds for the connection to stabilize before attempting to check out your cart on Uber Eats.

Restart the device

If you have taken the steps above and still have found no success, you can take an additional step to troubleshoot by restarting your device. Turn off your device. Wait for some time to pass. Turn it back on and load the app. Try to checkout your order.

Delete the app

Delete the app and redownload it. Log back into Uber Eats and attempt your order once again.

Get help from Uber Eats

For more assistance, you can click here to go to the support team at Uber eats. You can select “Get help with an order” for more information on what is going on with your Uber Eats order.

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