Solved: Uber App Not Loading (2022)

November 26, 2022

In a rush, and the Uber App isn’t loading? We have the answers.

Uber is a transportation platform that makes getting where you need to go relatively easy due to the direct functionality of their app. Users can create an account with their registered payment method, making payment easy. For those that would like a car driven to their location at the touch of a button, Uber provides transportation services that come directly to you. Unfortunately, the Uber app can have some issues, such as crashing, experiencing loading errors, or logging out of your account.

Uber App Not Loading: How to Fix (2022; non-infographic)

If your Uber app is not loading, we have the answers to why this could be happening, as well as how to resolve it. We are happy to help provide you with the knowledge on how to troubleshoot the Uber app in order to get you back on your way.

Why Is the Uber App Not Loading?

For reasons why the Uber app is not loading, see the tips below for answers.

Update your software

If your device’s software has not been recently updated, the Uber app will most likely have some issues. Let’s begin by checking to see if your device is updated with the newest updated software available.

You can check what software you currently have on your device in the settings app. In the settings app, under the software update tab, you can check your current software. If an update is available, download the update before proceeding to the rest of this article.

Update the Uber app

If you currently have a previous or older version of the app on your device, you may be experiencing some previous issues with the app that have been resolved in its newer versions. To ensure that your app is the most current and optimal one, you will need to the App Store and download the newest version.

The server is down

If you are encountering a black screen when opening the app or the app is not connecting at all, there is a possibility that the Uber server is down. To check the current status of the Lyft server, you can click here. If the server is, in fact, not available at this time, you will need to wait until it is back up and running before attempting to access Uber.

How to Fix Uber App Loading Issue?

So, the Uber app is still not loading on your device. It’s time to solve this issue. See our tips below on how to troubleshoot.

Log out and log back in

Logging out of your Uber account can help resolve this issue that you are experiencing. Once you log out, wait a few seconds before attempting to log back in. Once you log back in, attempt to order a ride or access one of the features on the app.

If you still are unable to order a ride, or if the app is still not loading at all, continue on to our next tips for more ways to solve this issue.

Adjust your payment method

Check the payment method that you have registered with your account on the Uber app. By manually entering the payment method located in your profile, you can ensure that all your information on your end is correct. Once you do this, attempt to access some of the features on Uber.

Delete the app

To clear any previously stored data and cache on the app, which may be causing issues, you can delete the app. Once you delete the app, you will need to download it once again from the App Store. Then, log back in and attempt to order the ride or access the features on the app to see if the issue has been resolved.

Adjust your location

If you are attempting to order a ride on the Uber app, you can troubleshoot by adjusting your pickup location. Making a slight adjustment, such as to one house over or to another store, may help refresh the connection once you make this attempt to, once again, order the ride.

Troubleshoot your internet or cellular connection

The Uber app requires a stable internet connection in order to access it. Check your wi-fi or cellular connection. Ensure that you have a strong connection. If you have a weak connection,

you can turn off your wi-fi or cellular service to re-establish the connection.

Wait a few seconds before turning it back on. Finally, after letting a short amount of time pass, attempt to load the Uber app and see if this has resolved the issue.

These Tips Didn’t Work? Try This

If your Uber app is still not loading or not loading on your iPhone, we have some final tips for you to fix the loading issue.

Restart the device

Turn off your device and then turn it back on. From there, you can try to access the Uber app once again to see if your device has been refreshed enough to load the app properly.

Get help from Uber

If the Uber app still won’t load, it’s time to reach out for more help. Click here to be taken to the Uber help center, where you can read about similar issues as well as get resolutions to this issue.

Rent a Phone Number

If you are still unable to access Uber, we apologize that our tips did not resolve this issue. What we can provide you with is a temporary or long-term number that can be used for verification purposes on Uber and more.

Verification issues are required by most platforms in order to access your account, as they work as a two-step process to protect your account security. To read more about how renting a phone number can benefit you, our blog has more countless information. You can click here to learn more. Soon, you will be able to resolve common issues.

To learn exactly how to use your rented phone number for SMS verification purposes, you can click here.