Invalid Phone Number Message on Twitch (August 2022)

August 27, 2022

Is this error message getting you down? Let’s troubleshoot the frustration and get you back to your twitch feed.

What Is Twitch?

Making its debut in 2011, Twitch is a widely used live video streaming platform that was originally created for gamers. Twitch’s 30 million+ daily users come together every day to chat, connect, and create videos across many niches including video games, sports, music, entertainment, and more.

Invalid Phone Number Message on Twitch (August 2022) (non-infographic)

Whatever brings you to Twitch, you’ll need to know how to navigate some of the error messages that come with using the platform. Below, we’ll discuss the causes of the “Invalid Phone Number” message, and take a look at some ways to fix the issue.

What Does the Twitch Error Message “Invalid Phone Number” Mean?

When attempting to enter a new chat, or verify a phone number, Twitch’s “invalid phone number” message may appear. This notification pops us due for a few reasons, namely, chat verification settings and violations of community conduct. Although this can be frustrating, there are some easy solutions to this issue. It won’t be long till you’re watching your next favorite twitch stream!

Chat Verification

Some chat creators require email or phone number verification to join. Turning phone or email verification in Twitch’s Chat Verification settings on when creating a chatroom prevents bot spam from infiltrating the space. After all, what’s more annoying than hundreds of bots that are spamming the chat with negativity, ads, and scam links?

If you receive this message when joining a new chat, it’s likely that you haven’t yet verified your account’s phone number or email address. Here are some requirements a channel creator can choose to enable or disable:

  • All chatters must have a verified phone number and/or email address.
  • First-time chatters must have a verified phone number and/or email address.
  • Accounts without a verified phone number and/or email must be older than (choose duration).
  • Accounts without a verified phone number and/or email address must have followed you for (choose duration).
  • Disable phone and/or email verification requirements for all chatters.

There are also certain exemptions a channel creator can enable to allow certain groups to bypass chat verification requirements. Any chat creator can allow VIPs, Moderators, and Subscribers to be exempt from meeting chosen requirements.

To get access to any chat, make sure you verify your phone number and email address for your channel. If you’re having verification issues, read the sections below to further troubleshoot the issue.

Accounts Banned or Suspended From Twitch

Twitch requires all of its users to adhere to strong community guidelines. These requirements for content and communication across the platform are important measures that assure Twitch remains a safe, interactive, and entertaining experience for all.

Twitch’s guidelines are stricter than some other popular social media platforms. If you have violated them, your phone number or email will not be able to be used for creating any accounts. Here’s a brief overview of the standards users need to adhere to:

  • No featuring, offering, or encouraging any kind of illegal activity.
  • No evading suspension by creating other accounts.
  • No featuring suspended users.
  • No displays of self-destructive behavior.
  • No use of violence or violent threats.
  • No hateful content.
  • No harassment.
  • No sharing of private information unless authorized.
  • No impersonation.
  • No usernames with themes that violate rules of conduct.
  • No scams, spam, or malicious content.
  • No harmful misinformation.
  • No nudity or sexual content.
  • No extreme violence, gore, or obscene content.
  • No misuse of tags.
  • No cheating when playing online games.
  • No off-service conduct

This is a hefty list, but it is what allows Twitch to protect its integrity as a safe space. This list is consistently being updated, so be sure to check with Twitch’s website for community guideline changes. If a user violates any of these guidelines, their account will be flagged and given either a warning, suspension, or permanent ban.

If an account has been banned or suspended, the connected phone number and email will not be able to be used to create an additional account. All of the accounts attached to the connected phone numbers or emails will also be suspended. There are ways to appeal an account enforcement action and regain access to your channels. If you need to submit an appeal, go to Twitch’s Appeals Portal and go through the prompts. Try to explain your situation and the intention behind it in factual terms with whatever evidence you can provide. If it’s not a serious breach, the moderators may hear you out and repeal the suspension or ban.

Your Phone Number is Connected to Another Account

This is the most common reason for your phone number being invalid on Twitch. If your phone number is connected to one of many other accounts, be sure to remove it from the other accounts. Once removed, the phone number has a better chance of working. If this doesn’t work, you can also try enabling the option to use the number for multiple accounts in your settings.

2FA is Enabled and Hindering the Verification Process

2FA (Two-Factor) Authentication is a safety feature that prevents an account from any unwanted logins. When this is enabled, a user will have to verify their phone number or email every time the account is logged into. Although this is very safe, it can also be annoying and can hinder the phone verification process. If you have 2FA enabled, try disabling the feature and see if that resolves the issue.

If you need more help on how to bypass 2FA for any website, give this blog a quick read!

If all else fails, you can always submit a ticket to Twitch to receive further help on the issue. If your phone number still isn’t working, you can create an account using a virtual phone number. This way, you can receive verification messages without getting a whole new phone line. Sites like offer affordable solutions for all verification needs. For a guide on how to rent a virtual phone number for verification, check out this article.