Tinder Air Message - User Not Found August (2022)

August 20, 2022

Here’s a guide on what to do if you get this air message on Tinder.

User Not Found​​

If you have found yourself being alerted by the Tinder User not Found message, it means that the person you were talking to, can no longer be accessed by your account. This can be frustrating and cause stress because it means a potential connection has been lost. If you find yourself asking, “Why this Tinder user can not be found?”, you will need to begin to search for them. First, note that to find the match from a large pool, we will need to begin by narrowing our parameters. This means customizing our match pool to be small, to find our desired match, amongst other potential matches. To do this, you must know your desired target’s age and location.

Tinder user not found: what does it mean? (non-infographic)

To find the user that cannot be found, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Tinder homepage.
  2. Select settings.
  3. Set age range and distance to match your target.
  4. Begin searching through the matches by swiping.
  5. Ensure that you are close to your target by your physical location.

Tinder Is The Leading Platform For Dating

Tinder is an immensely popular global dating app that is used to connect individuals. By swiping right or left, users can select their preferred matches without any hassle of being targeted by undesirable matches. Unfortunately, the app is not perfect, as there are bugs and errors that users may face when engaging with the app.

Why Is My Profile Not Found On Tinder?

If you find that other users are seeing no account found on Tinder, or are unable to access your Tinder profile, there may be some issues within the app that are causing this to happen.

Instances such of this type are inclusive of:

  • Failure of the Tinder networks server.
  • Weak internet connection.
  • Corrupted Tinder app.
  • Tinder account being banned.
  • The Tinder app is not updated.

The simplest way to solve this problem is to delete the app and redownload it. If you are periodically noticing that you are not getting any matches or responses, this is a good indicator that the app needs to be reinstalled. Remember that this is not a reflection of your profile, but issues with the application.

To fix any other issues with your Tinder app, you can:

  • Clear Tinder app data and app cache
  • Update your Tinder app

How To Get Unbanned On Tinder

If you log onto Tinder and see a “Something went wrong 40303” error message, it means that your Tinder account has been blocked. To solve this, you need to contact Tinder’s customer support so that they can review your account.

Follow these steps on the customer support page to request a review:

  1. Select “Trouble with account login” and then
  2. Select “Can’t log in, my account was banned.”
  3. Enter your information and fill out a description of why you think the ban was a mistake. Situations to explain may include, misinterpretations of conversations, potential rule violations, reviewing pictures, etc.
  4. They will review your description and decide if your appeal is justified in the customer service unbanning your account

Another option is to make a new Tinder account with new credentials.

Tinder tracks your IP address, as well as your Wi-Fi, SIM card, and phone number. If you have been banned and try to create a new account with any of the prior information used on the banned account, they may ban your new account. To not be at risk of being banned again, you need to use new information.

Follow these steps to create a new account:

  1. Uninstall the app on your phone.
  2. Remove any other social media that was integrated into your accounts such as Facebook or Instagram by logging onto them and accessing the security settings.
  3. Use a rented phone number from Tardigrada.io to create a new temporary number that can be used for verification and registry purposes.
  4. Use incognito mode or a VPN to hide your IP address.
  5. Sign up for a new account using your new rented phone number and a new unregistered email.
  6. Create a new profile with fresh content and photos that were not previously posted to the site.
  7. You may want to change your age and spell your name differently.

From this point on, try to not violate any of Tinder’s community guidelines. Users are only banned for violating guidelines. As long as there are no guidelines broken on your end, you should not run into this problem again.

Remember that you are not allowed to:

  • Share nude photos or share sexually explicit content.
  • Harass, bully, insult, or intimidate other users.
  • Engage in hate speech or verbal abuse. For example, anything racist, transphobic, homophobic, bigoted, misogynistic, ablest, etc.).

What To Do If You Get Banned From Tinder

Tinder is very strict when it comes to bans. Their official ruling is that if they banned your account, your appeal is very much unlikely to result in your account being unbanned. If you are notified that your account has been banned, you will receive a message that you have violated their terms of use.

  • Do not use any old photos, recycle material, connect to your home’s Wi-Fi without a VPN or incognito mode, or log in from your old device.
  • Tinder seems very adept at spotting banned users, so you may need to create a new account again.
  • Cancel your subscription to avoid being charged.

How To Regain Your Profile Information

Tinder is committed to protecting your data and privacy as well as providing you access to the information you have provided to them. To request a copy of your personal data or profile information, visit, https://account.gotinder.com/data. If you deleted your Tinder account, you will not be able to access the Download My Data portal because you no longer have an account on Tinder. Do not worry, as your information was deleted when you decided to deactivate your account.

Signing Up for Tinder

When signing up for Tinder, it is important to use a phone number that is not associated with your number, as this can result in your number being blocked or denied from the app in the future. Renting a phone number that allows for verification, is a great choice to prevent any future issues. Temporary phone numbers are disposable and can be changed at any point, making them desirable to use for social media accounts.