The Most Popular Social Networking Sites to Use OTP Verification

April 30, 2022

Did you know that, according to Backlinko, the number of daily active users on Facebook on January 5, 2022, was 1.9 billion? Additionally, the number of monthly active users on this platform was 2.9 billion as of the same date.

If you’re thinking of joining Facebook or another popular social networking site, something you might be wondering is which of these websites use OTP verification.

However, if you don’t have this information, you might be feeling stressed about this security measure that makes it necessary for you to provide information such as your email or phone number.

Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review the most popular social networking sites to use OTP verification and a solution for doing this without providing your own information.

Finally, you can start enjoying having a social networking profile while still protecting your privacy. Read on to learn more.

What Is OTP Verification?

Before we go into the different popular social networking sites that use OTP verification, we’ll review what this is. Also known as one-time passcode verification, this is a process you may use when you’re logging into an account on a website.

The way it works is that, when you log in, you’ll be sent a one-time password. Usually, this password will be sent to a phone number or email you’ve provided to the account website.

OTP verification can be part of the two-factor authentication process, or 2FA, that some websites require.

You can also set up OTP verification if you want to make your account more secure. For example, it could occur when you log in from a device the website doesn’t recognize.

OTP verification and 2FA can help protect you from people who have malicious intent. However, if you don’t want to provide your information, OTP verification can seem like a hassle.

Fortunately, we’ll review ways you can use these methods while still not giving up this information. However, first, we’ll review which popular social networking sites use OTP verification.

One of the most popular social networking sites that use OTP is Facebook. Facebook makes it possible for users to use two-factor authentication when logging into their accounts. If you choose to set it up, then this process will occur whenever you (or someone else) attempts to log in from:

  • An unrecognized device
  • An unrecognized browser

When this occurs, Facebook will send you a code to the phone number you’ve provided. On the one hand, this is good for security. On the other hand, if you don’t want to provide Facebook with your phone number, this can be stressful.

Fortunately, with a solution like Tardigrada, you can receive this SMS online. As a result, you can have a secure account without having to give this personal information away.


Another social website that uses OTP verification is Twitter. When you use 2FA on this platform, you’ll enter both your password and the security code. There are three methods you can use for 2FA on Twitter, which include:

  • Authentication app
  • Text message
  • Security key

Once you’ve decided which of these methods you’re going to use, Twitter will provide you with a temporary password with which you log in for the first time since setting up the 2FA process. They’ll send this to the phone number you provide through an SMS.

Just like with Facebook, you might be feeling unsure about providing your private information.

Fortunately, with Tardigrada, you can get a temporary phone number online to set all this up, one that isn’t your own private number.


To use the WeChat platform, you’re required to receive an SMS from them with a verification code to verify your account. Fortunately, you can bypass 2FA with a phone number online through a solution like Tardigrada.

This way, you won’t have to use your own personal phone number to verify your account.

All you have to do is get a temporary phone number to sign up with and you’ll be able to set up an account.


When you set up an account with Telegram, it will send you a code to your phone number so you can set it up. If you don’t want to share your phone number, don’t worry. You can get your verification code online through a solution like Tardigrada.


Another popular social networking site that uses OTP verification is Instagram. When you set up this security process within the Instagram app, you have two options. One is to use an authentication app that’s third-party.

Another option is to have SMS codes sent to your phone. Setting this process up can be useful if you want to protect your Instagram account from other people attempting to get in.

If you don’t want to use an authentication app that’s third-party or provide your personal phone number, you can simply use a temporary phone number from a solution like Tardigrada.

Need More Information?

Now that you’ve learned about the most popular social networking sites that use OTP verification, you might need more information. Maybe you want to learn about how to receive a Google SMS verification code online, for example.

Whatever information you need, we can help. At Tardigrada, we’re experts when it comes to OTP verification for setting up, verifying, and securing accounts.

Additionally, we provide temporary phone numbers that make it possible for you to protect your privacy. To learn more about this service, get more information now.