Surfline Not Loading? We’ve Got All The Tricks

September 24, 2022

Can’t check the surf due to Surfline loading issues? Our article might help you catch the swell.

Surfline is a multi-resource platform that connects its users to the ocean in more ways than one. For the past 35 years, this company has become not only a tool for oceanic goers but a titan in the surfing world.

Surfline has made delivering optimal maritime conditions their main goal, employing a team of scientists and meteorologists to deliver data sets from the very first day that they founded their company. Using wind and weather modeling, their teams provide swell, tide charts, and more on their website, open to the public for free.

They have live HD cameras posted at endless amounts of public beaches and secret surf spots, making the lives of surfers and researchers tantalizingly easy. Surf line additionally has editorial content that has won awards, as their website is flooded with wave of the day photos, but at a global level.

Their HD cams are easily the most incredible tool, but what happens when this footage starts glitching? Keep reading to find out.

Why is Surfline Not Loading?

Did you know that Surfline’s live cameras are hidden at your favorite beaches? Where exactly are they? I guess that’s for them to know and for us to try and figure out.

Here are some reasons why your Surfline live cam video or Surfline website is not loading:

Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with

These cameras are often on private property or cliffsides, facing the ocean. Check other cams to see if the one you are looking out for may have been blown off the cliff by high swells and have been disconnected.

Your internet service or cellular may be pretty weak

Streaming requires a strong signal. Check your bars and WIFI, and try to reconnect to reestablish the connection.

The camera you are looking at may be lagging

Often, these videos tend to stagger and lag when being watched. Sometimes patience is the virtue most needed in this digital age. Give the cam a few seconds and see if the stream continues. If not, try exiting the surf spot you’re checking out and reentering the live video. This will give you a fresh look at the waves, even if it’s a few seconds.

If you really need to look at it for a longer time period and find that it is still glitching, you can continue to do this; this tip will allow you to catch a peek at that next wave on the cam before convincing yourself to be pumped and finally go out.

Surfline’s site may have crashed

Though this is rare, check how other sections of the site are functioning. Pics loading but not the live cam? See the section below for answers.

Quick Solutions To Get Surfline Loading

So now you’re thinking, “Tell me something I can really work with.” Let’s look at some other quick fixes that are more technical than some commonsense items that you probably already thought of.

See these techie solutions located below to solve the Surfline loading issue.

Access to the site may be blocked

You can fix this by clearing your browser cookies. Try to exit the browser and reenter.

Troubleshoot this issue by using another browser type or device.

Check your antivirus and firewall programs

Your antivirus and firewall may be preventing Surfline from loading properly.

Be sure to check that these programs are not blocking the platform. You can do this by accusing the settings on your computer and clicking on those programs.

Check your browser extensions

Adblock and certain extensions block sites from loading or streaming on your computer. Be sure and check if there are any extensions on your browser that are preventing you from accessing Surfline on your device.

Check for popup windows

If you are having loading issues, check your browser to see if any pop ups are being blocked. Usually, this will appear as a notification on the browser, or a little square will appear with an X next to the URL of the site you are trying to access. Clicking on this notification or changing your popup settings on this browser can prevent any future issues with site accessibility.

Still Not Loading? Surfline Troubleshooting Help and Alternative Options

Reach out to the Surfline support team

You can also reach out to the Support team at Surfline for extra help. If none of these tips solved the issue, something else might be happening with your connection to the platform. The support team at Surfline can provide assistance with any problems you may have. Click here to contact Surfline support.

If you have a Surfline account, change your phone number on the account

Changing the phone number that you have registered or listed on the account can update your information and possibly reset any issues. Did you know you can use a brand new phone number, separate from your personal and pre-registered number when you sign up with

Entering a temporary number will allow you to register for as many accounts as you need for SMS or registry purposes. These numbers include a pay-as-you-go feature while also being available to easily be changed as needed.

Register for a new account

Another option that you have is to register for a new account with Surfline. Accessing the platform with a new account is a great way to troubleshoot even further to determine what is causing this loading issue. Your new account will not have the same information and can verify if the issue is your account or not.

If you do choose to take this step and find that the issue is still occurring, the issue is with your account. If you don’t believe your account is the issue, the issue is most likely your browser or device.

If you need a mobile phone number to register or access your Surfline account and stay up to date with surf and weather can use a non-VoIP number, as offered by Signing up for a temporary number is useful for many reasons, such as verification and registry purposes, and also as serving as an alternative to your personal number.

These temporary phone numbers have a fixed location in the US, giving you the freedom to you to not rely on your sim card to register for online accounts and more. Learn more here about the benefits of renting a phone number for personal uses and how it can benefit your everyday life in more ways than one.