Slack Not Connecting? We Can Help

November 6, 2022

Is Slack not connecting? Are messages not loading? We have the fix. Read this article to find out how.

Slack is a tool for businesses. It is a messaging app that can be used by business employees to send messages to one another, create specific threads on certain subjects, and keep all employee conversations in one unified app. Slack has also been used by individuals for personal use and is a great tool to organize and save specific notes on your personal device.

Slack Not Connecting? Here’s The Fix (non-infographic)

With additional features such as pinned conversations, private conversations, and direct messaging, Slack is a great tool for communication that goes beyond your everyday text message system. If you are experiencing loading issues with your Slack application, this can deter you from being able to respond to important work messages.

Read this article for troubleshooting help on how to solve the Slack connectivity error.

Causes for Slack Not Connecting

If you find that your slack app is not connecting, see the reasons below for tips on why this issue could be occurring. This can help you identify the root cause of the problem may be.

Account issues with verification

If you find that you are unable, or having trouble getting into your account due to the requirement for two-factor verification, see the section titled ‘Get help from Slack’ and reach out to the customer support team.

Lost connection to the internet

If Slack is not connecting to the internet, or you have lost internet connection. Check your connection at the top of your device’s screen. By looking at the levels of the bars, you can see whether your connection is strong or weak. A weak connection could result in loading issues with your Slack application.

If you do, in fact, have a weak connection, you can disconnect and reconnect to your internet service to try and establish a stronger connection. If you are on your mobile device, you can also proceed to reset your network settings or toggle airplane mode.

You can even go as far as unplugging your router to ensure that your internet has a strong and stable enough connection to support the app.

The app is out of date

Deleting the Slack app can help to restore any issues, as the version that is not working will no longer be on your device.

How to Solve the Slack Connection Issue

If Slack cannot connect to the server or the internet, we have some tips for troubleshooting. Read the tips below to ensure that you are able to restore the connection.

Troubleshoot the app

If you have the app downloaded on your device, troubleshoot the loading issue by deleting the app. Once deleted, you can proceed to download Slack back onto your device. If this did not solve the loading issue, be sure to read on for more tips.

Update software

Other than deleting the app, updating Slack’s software or the software of your device can help to ensure that you are operating or accessing Slack on the most optimal system that Slack has to offer. To do this, you can go to the app store and check that the version that you have is the most up-to-date.

If you do not have the Slack app that is up to date, download it and see if this issue still occurs. Suppose the software of your device does not support this new version of the app. You will then need to take an extra step in downloading the new software on your device to support the app. Then, you will be able to check to see if this issue is still occurring.

Still Not Working? Try These Alternative Solutions

If you tried these tips and found that Slack still has no connection, we have some final tips for you to solve this issue.


Simply logging out and back into your account often time can solve connectivity and loading issues.

Restart your device

Powering off your phone or computer can help re-establish connections to the server and refresh the functionality of your device. Make sure you close out all apps before taking this step to make sure your device can function optimally when restarting.

Get help from Slack support

If none of these tips helped, reaching out to Slack’s support team is another solution you can try to fix this issue. We apologize for any frustrations that this process may have caused, and we hope that you are able to find an answer as soon as possible. See the section below for another option you can take while waiting to get access to Slack.

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