5 Ways to Protect Your Phone Number from Any Attack

October 5, 2022

Looking to learn how to secure your phone number from all kinds of threats and attacks? Read this article to learn five simple ways to do just that.

5 Ways to Protect Your Phone Number from Any Attack

Key Takeaways:

  • Protecting your phone number starts with being careful about who you share your personal details with
  • You can use different numbers for work, social media, and personal accounts
  • Using an eSIM reduces the chances of hackers attacking your phone number
  • The best way to secure your phone number is to rent one

Many sites, services, and apps these days require secure phone numbers for various purposes, including verification, log-ins, and account recovery. Chances are you’ve handed over your phone number to multiple sites, which could be dangerous.

Hackers can wreak untold havoc when they get hold of your personal information. You may not realize that there are sketchy people out there just waiting to impersonate you and hijack your accounts, simply by using your personal phone number. They can reset your passwords and access your personal files and documents, for example, which is why protecting and securing your phone number is a no-brainer. 

This guide will walk you through simple and actionable steps to help you secure your phone number from all kinds of attacks. Read on to learn five proactive ways to safeguard your phone number and your private accounts associated with it. 

5 ways to protect your phone number

Securing your phone number is, thankfully, not a complicated task. Most of the steps that follow are actions you can take on your own. Some may require professional help for the best security, though, and we’ve outlined them here as well. Let’s dig in.

1. Stop giving out your phone number

Pause for a moment and consider the number of sites and apps you’ve given your phone number to. Any of those sites could experience a data breach at any time, or worse – they could sell your personal details. Your phone number could land right in the hands of a hacker either way. Scary thought, isn’t it?

This is why you should think twice before handing over your phone number. Start by checking if your phone number is required for creating the account. You’ll typically notice an asterisk beside the query if it’s mandatory, so always skip that field if you can. 

You can also enter a dummy number, as long as the service doesn’t require it for identification or security measures like two-factor authentication (2FA). Just enter a phony number like (123) 555-0123 to satisfy the requirement and move on. 

You may not always be given the choice but to share your personal number, so be sure only to do so with companies that have a tried-and-true reputation for privacy and avoid sharing your details while on unsecured WiFi networks. 

2. Use an eSIM instead of a SIM chip

Physical SIM chips are susceptible to two kinds of attacks. First is the SIM swap attack, where a hacker uses social engineering scams or insiders to change your SIM details. The SIM is then able to divert messages and calls to the hacker’s device automatically. 

Next is the SIM cloning attack. This type of attack involves those who somehow acquire physical access to your phone and clone your chip before returning the device. The attacker can then see each call and message you receive on your phone. 

You are vulnerable to both of these attacks when you use a physical SIM, but thankfully, using an eSIM is an excellent way to sidestep these breaches. Short for embedded SIM, an eSIM is difficult to access, making cloning almost impossible. eSIMs also ensure that your mobile service provider delivers calls and messages directly to your device. 

3. Add extra security to your number at your mobile service provider

The good news is that many mobile service providers offer a variety of ways to strengthen your account security and keep snoopers at bay. These steps include updating pins and passwords and adding biometric verifications. 

Be sure to check with your mobile service carrier to learn more about their options for strengthening the security of your mobile account and, by extension, your phone number.

Other handy security measures that can add an extra layer of protection to your phone number include using a secondary email on your mobile account, turning off caller ID, and increasing the complexity of your security questions and answers. 

4. Get separate phone numbers

Another way to enhance the protection of your personal number is to have different numbers for different purposes. You can have a number dedicated to work-related activities and one for your professional life, for instance, and that way, you reduce the chances of your personal details being out there.

This means another phone bill to pay for, of course, but if you have the funds, this is a solid option. Some companies also offer work phones for their employees, so check with your employer to see if there’s any such arrangement. 

5. Rent a long-term phone number

The best way to get past all the challenges of using your actual phone number online is to rent a long-term phone number. These numbers are just like regular phone numbers, and you can use them wherever phone numbers are required. Rented phone numbers have a fixed location, and you can use them to receive SMS and get a verification code online.

Rented phone numbers have other benefits as well. You can use a rental U.S. phone number to access regional streaming services rather than a VPN. You can also use a rented phone number to create and verify multiple social media accounts, from Facebook to Twitter. 

Take your online privacy and security seriously. In the virtual world of the internet, just like in the physical world, you need to protect yourself from potential scams, or worse. 

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