The Pitfalls of VoIP Numbers and What You Can Do About It

July 9, 2022

While VoIP numbers have gained popularity in recent times, there are disadvantages to using one. Here, we’ll discuss said flaws and some alternatives.

An Introduction to VoIP Numbers

VOIP-based numbers, or Voice over Internet Protocol, are a common way to access virtual phone numbers. These internet-based providers allow you to make and receive calls through the use of an internet connection. This virtual method provides useful services to its users such as separating personal and business numbers and working to keep one’s information private. However, with VoIP numbers, there are some drawbacks and VoIP flaws users may face that can hinder calls and should be taken into account when deciding which type of VoIP number to use.

VoIP numbers: Pitfalls & what to do about them (non-infographic)

How These Numbers are Used

Whether you’re working from home, traveling internationally, or guarding security, there are many uses for VoIP numbers. Below, we’ll discuss the options of a VoIP number.

Use of VOIP Numbers:

  • Calls rely on a reliable internet connection.
  • Numbers are used to make and receive phone calls.
  • Numbers are used to send text messages and chat messages.
  • Calls can be placed all over the internet, and not in just one specific location.
  • Can be utilized for business or personal use.

VOIP-based numbers do not rely on regular sim cards, which are found inside most devices. Something to consider is the drawbacks of renting VoIP type numbers, as some are not tied to one location. This is not as consistent as utilizing a sim U.S-based temporary phone number provided by

The Drawbacks of Renting VoIP Numbers

When renting VoIP numbers, users may face some drawbacks. These numbers are not always perfect, and like other forms of technologies, there are cons to consider about using them consistently.

A Dependency On Internet Quality

The ultimate disadvantage that arises with the use of VoIP-based numbers is that it is completely dependent on the internet connection that it is connected to. Therefore, the strength and reliability of the service determines the connectivity of VoIP calls. If there is no internet connection, then there is no service for the phone number and the calls will not be received. Without reliable internet service, the calls will be affected in terms of connectivity, transmission, and quality.

A Lack of Secure Transmissions From Providers

Another drawback of renting VoIP type numbers is the lack of secure transmissions from the chosen service provider. Not all VoIP providers offer secure and reliable transmissions for their users. It is important to choose a service that is trusted and secure. Using a trusted service will ensure that there is no lack of privacy or lack of guarding security.

The internet is a public network, so there is a possibility of data being intercepted during transmission. The data that can be intercepted is the voice data of the VoIP calls. These private voice calls can be in danger of being breached by hackers and is a security breach that should not be overlooked. As a result, using VoIP numbers can result in a lack of privacy and security. The threat of security breaching is a factor that is an immense flaw in VoIP numbers in comparison to other alternatives.

With proper research and the discovery of VoIP providers that will ensure reliable transmissions, your voice calls may be protected from breaches and intrusions. When looking for a provider, search for VoIP service providers that offer high-level encryption services from end to end. This can ensure that there is no deficiency of security by the VoIP service provider. This will make sure that your calls are fully protected from threats such as hackers or scammers.

Issues with Latency

Network Latency is a time delay in the amount of time it takes for data to go from one server to the other. With a poor internet connection, latency is a recurring problem VoIP number users can face. Latency and jitter are when these data packets either hit delays in transmission or get improperly re-assembled. These factors will have an immense effect on the quality and reliability of your phone calls. Sometimes these issues are not due to your network connection, but are due to the automatic data modifying that occurs when internet backbones attempt to deliver data traffic with speed. Changes such as this happen without your involvement or control.

Latency and Jitter occur for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Poor internet connection. VoIP flaws occur when the network is inconsistent, as these numbers require more bandwidth than other programs.
  • Having an inadequate router is another VoIP flaw that can occur. VoIP service requires a VoIP router that is specialized to handle these connections. This can be a drawback because your VoIP number will require extra costs to run smoothly in order to handle the voice traffic.
  • You may need the correct cables to handle your connectivity. Ethernet cables such as a Cat-5e are recommended for VoIP internet use as other cables may not operate at a high enough speed to carry the voice data without flaws.

Latency from poor internet connections have a variety of effects on VoIP calls:

  • Call quality is decreased
  • Calls can be disconnected or difficult to hear
  • Calls can be dropped
  • Calls can not be received

Secure Alternatives to Consider

When choosing a VoIP number, consider the alternatives to this type of service. A non-VoIP number can be a desirable option when put against a VoIP number and has many different advantages in comparison to a VoIP number. Renting a U.S-based phone number can solve some of these issues that arise with using a VoIP number, as the location will be based in the local country and be more reliable than alternate services.

Renting U.S.-based Phone Numbers

Although VoIP numbers can and have proven to be useful, the method has certain flaws that are bound to leave many with sour thoughts after continual use. If you are looking to get more out of a rentable phone number, trusted U.S.-based number providers like can set you on the right path to an affordable and reliable experience.