Profile Not Found Message on Pinterest August (2022)

August 27, 2022

Here’s a guide on what to do if you get this error message on Pinterest.

User Not Found

Searching for a user on Pinterest and finding that the account can not be found can be frustrating. You may see the banner message that states, “user not found.” In this article, we’ll dive into the details of why this instance occurs and the many ways it can be fixed.

Profile Not Found Message on Pinterest August (2022) (non-infographic)

Why Is My Pinterest Board Not Found?

Pinterest is a great site to use as a personal or business tool. Pinterest allows you to create boards to organize your pins. The collection of pins that makes your boards is a hand-curated project that becomes personalized by your selection. If you find that your board is suddenly missing, there may be a moment of panic as you ask, “Why is my Pinterest board not found?”

When you find that you can not find your board, here are some causes:

You may have accidentally deleted the board

If you find that some of your boards are not showing up in your account, you may have deleted them. This could have been an accident as it can be easy to press the delete button on the site.

The board may contain images that are a violation of the Pinterest user guideline policy

If you are missing a few pins or boards in your account, Pinterest may have deleted them. Pinterest does not allow pins that include: adult content, exploitation, malicious or hateful activities, misinformation, violence, etc. If your board contains any of this illicit content, Pinterest has the right to remove them.

There may have been an issue within the site

To confirm a glitch has occurred, try reloading your account or downloading the app again to see if there are any changes to your boards.

If you did not create the board, the owner of the board might have removed it or deleted it

You may experience losing several boards at the same time. A possible reason is that the boards are being eliminated by their creators. Creators have the right to delete their own boards and remove your access to them.

Your account was hacked

Once your account is infiltrated, the hackers can have complete access to your account and can manipulate its contents. For example, they can remove your pins and boards without you knowing it and replace them with spam. Ensure that your password is secure and not shared to protect your account.

You have been banned from Pinterest

If you have been banned, you will encounter login issues, and your boards and pins will be deleted.

These are all probable causes of a board being lost, but in order to see what the reason is in your case, we must take a closer look. See below for how to find your Pinterest board.

How Can I Find My Pinterest Board?

If you ask, “Why can’t I find my Pinterest board?” or “Why are my Pinterest boards not showing up?” Please note that in order to find the missing boards on Pinterest, it is imperative to find out why they cannot be found. Refer to the section above to see which instance you believe fits your circumstance.

To find boards from your home feed:

  1. Log into your Pinterest account
  2. From your Pinterest home feed, go ahead and click on one of your pins.
  3. Select the board title in the Username section
  4. save to Board title at the bottom of the pin
  5. Open the board

To find boards from the search bar:

  1. Log into your Pinterest account
  2. Enter a topic or a keyword into the search bar that is located at the top of the screen
  3. Then press enter on your keyboard or screen.
  4. Select your boards from the menu located on the right side of the search bar to see all of your related or similar boards.
  5. Click on a board to see all of the saved Pins.
  6. You can follow individual boards by clicking on the ellipsis icon next to the board title and clicking Follow.

To find pins on your Pinterest business profile:

  1. First, review your pin’s performance metrics on Pinterest’s website.
  2. Here, you can see how audiences have interacted with a specific pin across Pinterest. You can do this by checking out Pinterest Analytics or Pin Stats.

It is possible to recover missing boards depending on why they are not showing up.

If any of these causes is why your board is missing, then retrieving them will be impossible:

  • The creator deleted the board
  • Your account was hacked or blocked.
  • Pinterest removed the content of your board because it was violating the policy.

But if the reason your board is not missing does not apply to these instances, it may still be recovered.

Here are a few troubleshooting steps to try that can help you restore your boards:

Restore a board from a group you left

Ask the group to invite you again. You can also send another request for them to let you join the group. You can do this by looking for the board you wish to join and pressing the “Request to Join” button. You can see this next to the “Follow” button.

Accidentally deleted accounts

If you accidentally deleted your account, you can bring the board back with the “Backup” feature. To restore your board, you can go to your inbox. Then, look for the link along with the name of the board that you are looking for. When you open the link, Pinterest will notify you that it has been removed. Then, select the “Restore” button to restore your board.

Restore a cached copy

Open Google and look for your Pinterest username. Find your missing board or pin and see if it has a cached copy.

How to Create a New Board

To create a new board on your profile and go off on your Pinterest creation adventure, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Pinterest account.
  2. To open your profile, click on your profile picture in the top-right corner of your page.
  3. Select the plus icon on the right side of your screen, next to the filter icon.
  4. Select Board.
  5. Enter a name for your board.
  6. Toggle to keep the board secret if you desire.
  7. Click Create.

You can add as many pins as you would like with your new board. Then, while scrolling, select add to the board, and it will then be stored there for future use or reference. If you want to stay organized or arrange your panels in a way that works for you, you can sort your boards to fit your needs.