Paypal - ‘This Number is Not Supported’ Fixed 2022

September 3, 2022

Is PayPal not recognizing your phone number? Learn how to bypass this below.

PayPal is an American financial company that operates mainly online, handling payment systems to and from many different countries. Similar to other online financial platforms such as Venmo and Apple Pay, this service is an alternative option to cash payments, checks, and cashiers’ checks.

The platform allows its users to pay others and receive payments, as well as send money directly to their own bank accounts through direct deposits. PayPal additionally supports online shopping, credit cards, rewards, and global payments all through its online or mobile server. The versatility of PayPal makes it a dependable and popular site for servicing individual transactions and payments globally.

Why Does Paypal Say, “This Number Is Not Supported”?

If you log onto your PayPal account and find that it is notifying you that you have entered an invalid phone number or you are receiving an invalid phone number message when registering, the phone number or number(s) you have entered in the login process is resulting in an error in the app’s server.

You can access your account information by accessing your PayPal account on your computer or cellular device. Once you log in, you will see your profile information, where you can find your email as well as your registered phone number.

When receiving this message, you can follow some simple troubleshooting tips to try and solve the problem. Following the troubleshooting tips found in the “How Can I Fix Paypal’s Verification Error?” section can help to narrow down what the issue may be with your registered phone number.

How Can I Fix PayPal’s Verification Error?

Though PayPal is a technological feat in our day and age, you may face frustrating issues such as the claim by the application that your phone number is invalid, resulting in receiving a verification error message from PayPal.

So if you are finding yourself asking, “Why is PayPal saying that my phone number is invalid?” know that many have found themselves facing this problem even though they believe they have entered their number correctly.

If you are being notified by PayPal that your contact number is not supported, and is prompting you to update your number, here are some options to troubleshoot this problem:

  • Note that the number that is added to the account will need to be from the same country that the account was first registered in.
  • The region or area code of the mobile phone number may have been set incorrectly when registering. Check that it matches the region where your mobile number is located in.
  • Also, ensure that your phone number has been entered correctly. Double-check that it matches your number; if there are any mistakes, you will need to correct them. If this was the case, you should no longer receive the prompt.
  • If you entered a landline phone number in the registry process, note that you are not allowed to register with this type of number. You will need to enter a mobile, cellular, or non-VoIP number instead.
  • Check if the phone number you used to register has already been registered to another account. You cannot register the same number to multiple accounts, as this will cause verification issues with the server. If your cellular or mobile number has already been registered to another account, see the section titled “What Else Can I Do if This Didn’t Work?” for additional options to solve this problem.
  • You can also register a temporary phone number to your PayPal account. This option will allow you to change the number you have rented in case the platform is rejecting your phone number, allowing you to always have an updatable contact number.
  • You can also contact PayPal directly for assistance by clicking here.

What Else Can I Do if This Didn’t Work?

Here are some additional troubleshooting tips if you have followed the above information and are still receiving the “This Number is Not Supported” message on your PayPal account:

  • Confirm that your mobile number or cellular device can receive SMS messages. To do this, first ensure that your provider allows SMS messages. Also, make sure to check that you have a strong cellular network connection, as a weak connection will not allow the messages to be sent through.
  • If you have already registered your mobile or cellular phone number with another account, you can sign up for a temporary number to register with a new account. This will allow you to register for an unlimited number of accounts, and you will no longer need to worry about your phone number not being supported by the site. Click here to learn how to set up a temporary phone number. Click here to learn more about long-term number rentals for personal use. If your personal phone number does not match the region that is required by the platform, you can sign up for a temporary phone number. These numbers will allow you to select the region and area code, as required by PayPal.
  • If you are facing a PayPal verification error, you may have clicked “send” on the SMS verification one too many times. This will result in your phone number not being able to be verified due to the excess of sent SMS messages. There is often a limitation on how many SMS verification messages can be sent a number per day. If you send the message several times and find that it is not being delivered, you will need to try and register at a later time in the day or on the following day.
  • Also, prior to registering an account or updating the phone number, make sure to turn off any blocking features or anti-virus apps on your phone that work to block SMS messages. These features will prevent you from receiving SMS verification, and you will be unable to verify your number on file or update your account.