Notes App Keeps Crashing? We Can Help

December 4, 2022

Having trouble with your notes app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac? This article can help you solve this issue.

The Notes app, offered on the iPhone, comes pre-downloaded onto the device. This is a standard app that can be found on your iPhone and comes in handy if you need to take down quick notes. For some, the Notes app can serve to be more than just a notetaking resource; but can serve to hold a mass amount of information.

Notes App Keeps Crashing: How to Fix (non-infographic)

From downloading links, being able to create drawings, saving calendar invites, and adding documents, the Notes app has numerous features that make it a desirable resource for iPhone users. You can also create folders, save the content to different locations, such as your email or iCloud, and create notes that can be shared with other users.

For some, their whole lives can be stored in the iPhone Notes app. If you are having trouble with the Notes app, this article can provide some additional insight into why this is happening and how to fix this issue as soon as possible. Read on to learn more.

Why Is the Notes App Crashing?

There are a few possible reasons why the notes app keeps crashing on your device. Most likely, there are issues occurring with your device’s connection to the server. If you are attempting to access the app and find that the app is immediately closing out or you see a black screen, this means that you have lost access to the app.

The reasons below may help provide more insight into why this is occurring.

iCloud Storage is full

If you are logged into iCloud, your note settings may be programmed to back up directly onto your iCloud account. If you have no more storage available on your iCloud account, then your Notes app may be unable to open due to the app no longer being able to sync its contents onto the cloud.

To troubleshoot this issue, you can begin by opening your settings on your iPhone. Select the Apple ID, iCloud, and Media tab at the top of the settings menu. Then select the iCloud tab. Once you click on this, you will be able to see how much iCloud Storage you have available on your iCloud device.

If your Storage is full, you will see a notification that will give you the option of upgrading to iCloud+. If this is the case for your situation, see the sections below for more details on how to proceed with iCloud issues, such as the topics titled, ‘Log out of iCloud,’

‘Upgrade to iCloud+’ or ‘Make more room on your iCloud.’

Sync Issues

If you are logged into the Notes app on other devices, such as an iPad or iMac desktop computer or laptop, the issue maybe occurs with your notes attempting to sync across multiple devices. To troubleshoot this issue, try to access your notes on your other devices. \

If you are able to open the notes app with no issues, we recommend saving your notes prior to troubleshooting further in case they get deleted during this process. Then, go into your iCloud preferences on your device and either turn the sync or log out of iCloud.

Then, return to the device that was having issues, and check to see if you are now able to access it. If the app is still crashing, continue onto the rest of this article.

How to Fix This Issue With the Notes App?

Now, here are tips on how to fix the notes app from crashing on your Apple device.

Log out of iCloud

Logging out of iCloud on the device in which the app is crashing is another way to troubleshoot this issue. Beware that logging out of iCloud may delete some of your notes if your Storage is full.

You can also log into through your desktop to check to see which notes have been uploaded to the cloud to ensure that any important notes have been backed up.

Try restarting your device

Restarting the device you are using may help to reset any ongoing issues that are occurring. Power your device off, and wait a few seconds before powering your iPhone back on. This step can help to reset any issues.

Delete the app

You can also delete the app and download the most recent version onto your device. The newest version of the app will have the most up-to-date software and will be free of any previous bugs and glitches that may be preventing the app from functioning properly.

Make sure that your software can support the newest version of the app before downloading to prevent any download issues.

Upgrade to iCloud+

Upgrading to iCloud+ will require you to pay for more Storage. This is a great option if you do not wish to risk losing any of your notes and are unable to access your notes on another device to save them manually.

You can always pay for a single month, regain access to your notes, save them into another format such as Word or Google Drive, and then cancel the subscription to avoid paying more fees.

More Options to Fix This Issue

Here are some additional options that you can take to fix the notes app crashing issue.

Make more room on your iCloud

If your iCloud Storage is full or at capacity, deleting photos, videos, or other documents on your device can make more room for the documents stored on your Notes app and may regain your access.

Delete notes

Once you are able to get back into the app, we recommend deleting notes if your Storage is at capacity.

Get Help

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