Netflix Download Not Working? We Have the Solutions

October 15, 2022

Trying to watch your favorite movie on Netflix and it won’t download? This article can help.

Netflix is an online platform and video streaming service that gives its users access to movies, shows, documentaries, and more. This platform gained popularity as it became integrated into popular culture. Younger generations view Netflix as a way to pass the time, hang out with friends, or consider it a date for potential partners.

Netflix Download Not Working? We Have the Fix (non-infographic)

Netflix’s users can be seen in the kitchen following a cooking show, in their living room with their toddlers watching children’s shows, or outside in the backyard for a movie night. Netflix’s versatility is what keeps users hooked, and the popular culture has been built around late-night tv shows binges on the platform.

Unfortunately, issues can arise. Is your Netflix on download not working? Or is your Netflix download not playing? Read on for our solutions for this issue.

Why Is My Download on Netflix Not Working?

Are you having issues downloading a movie or tv show on Netflix? There is numerous of tech reasons why this could happen, as Netflix is dependent on a good internet connection to ensure proper streaming. The reasons listed below can help provide more insight into what is occurring with your Netflix account.

Your internet needs to be reset

If your internet or cellular connection is not strong enough to support the data required to download your media, your download will not be able to be completed. Check your cellular or wifi connection to see if the strength is sufficient. You can do this by checking your network preferences in settings.

If you see that your internet connection has a low signal, go ahead and disconnect your device from the internet and try to reconnect. Toggling airplane mode or unplugging your router can help reestablish a stronger connection from your device to the internet.

Your app or browser needs to be updated

If you are accessing Netflix on a browser, check to see which version you are using. An older version may contain bugs and glitches that are preventing you from downloading media. If you are accessing Netflix on the app, check to see if the app is up to date.

An older app may not be updated by the software developers and can have issues that have been fixed in the newer version. In addition, outdated software will result in a new app or browser not functioning properly. Take the extra check to make sure your software is up to date, as well as to ensure your Netflix downloads will go through without any issues.

You need to try to log back into your account

This is an age-old tip that often time does not fail. Log out of your Netflix account, and then log back in. From here, you can try your download again to see if Netflix is still not downloading. Think of the log-out process as turning off your computer and turning it back on to try and solve the issue.

How to Fix This Download Issue

If you are still having this tech issue with downloading media on Nextflix, we have some additional information that could help.

Troubleshoot the download issue

Were you attempting a download and received an error message? You may have received the message stating, “Download Failed. From here, tap cancel, and then, from the bottom of the screen, hit the download button again. If it still doesn’t download, go ahead and pick the Alert icon. It may also appear as an exclamation point in the color yellow.

Clear Netflix app data

This step will clear the app data of your account. This means that any media that is stored on your app will be removed, and you will be logged out. Though this is an inconvenient step, it could help the download issues as the app data will be cleared, and there will be plenty of opportunity for more downloads.

You can do this by tapping and holding the Netflix icon. Next, you can tap the info selection. Then, tap storage and cache. From here, clear the cache and select ok. You can now try Netflix again and see if your downloads go through.

If you have tried all of the tips above and still have found no solution, see the section below for some more tips.

Netflix Still Not Downloading? Additional Troubleshooting Tips

If you have tried all of these available tips and find that your downloads are still not working, then it’s time to move on to the next steps. Try these tips for extra support in this matter.

You can search the Netflix help center for answers

The Netflix help center has sections on each error code. You can search for the error that is occurring and see some additional information on what is occurring with your account. Click here to search for the error code in their help center.

Contact customer support

If you are unable to find answers at the help center, you can reach out to customer support for more assistance. Click here for assistance from the Netflix customer support team and get help on this matter.

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