Your Guide To Owning Multiple Amazon Accounts

July 9, 2022

Holding more than one account is perfectly legal and in many ways beneficial depending on the user. Let’s discuss how to manage multiple accounts.

When One Amazon Account Simply Isn’t Enough

Amazon has become a giant within the world of technology and the online marketplace. By being able to purchase an extreme range of items from essential oils to functional typewriters, and having tastefully short delivery times, many have begun depending on Amazon for their various wants and desires. It is within this backdrop that one might ask how to optimize their experience while using the site. While there are many ways to do this, one method seldom talked about, but extremely beneficial is having more than one Amazon account. Whether you’re an individual who utilizes Amazon to make purchases or sell your products, obtaining multiple Amazon spaces could never be more useful.

Multiple Amazon Accounts: Your Complete Guide (non-infographic)

What More Than One Account Means For Buyers

While not as obvious as it might be for sellers, everyday consumers can benefit greatly from getting that second or third account. The greatest of these benefits is the simple concept of organization. For buyers with multiple cards or addresses, separating one’s information into multiple accounts can provide a client with ease-of-use, and prevent them from constantly having to switch billing methods; or even worse, making a mistake. It would be awful to send something to the wrong address or pay with the incorrect method, and separating differing information into two or more accounts can greatly aid in preventing such blunders. Even still, the importance of organization can be applied to those who make big purchases or regularly buy from Amazon. For this type of consumer, separated categories of items across multiple accounts prevent one’s singular account from filling up too much and makes managing purchases much easier.

Advantages Multiple Accounts Bring to Sellers

Of course, sellers too have much to gain from two or more accounts, and can most likely use each one to their fullest potential with already being involved in the inner workings of the site. Getting oneself multiple accounts as a seller mostly gives an advantage to those who wish to diversify their practice. Sellers who wish to sell different products have everything to gain from a second Amazon account. With a said extra account, an ambitious entrepreneur can easily divide their business into two, possibly making each more specific and profitable in the process. One thing to note specifically for sellers, however, is that there are many checks and restrictions on opening a second account. For example, some of the requirements for opening two seller profiles, the seller must get permission from Amazon, and the products being sold must be wholly different. Any breach of rules like this one could land one’s account to be suspended as a result. Still, however, for those who wish to branch out on the Internet’s biggest market, gaining a second account is a great investment that has the potential to exponentially grow one’s profits.

What Do I Need to Get Another Account?

Obtaining a second account is fairly simple and a similar experience for both buyers and sellers alike. Although it should be noted there is additional information needed for Amazon seller accounts. Subtracting that extra step, the first thing one is going to want to do is to have all information required and ready to use. Since it is heavily recommended and in some instances required, one should prepare new information such as phone numbers and emails that they wish to use when creating a new account. After that, the Amazon interface should lead one straight through the account-making process just as it did when creating the initial account.

Issues to Avoid for the Seller

Although the path to creating an extra account is, for the most part, simple and easy to follow, there are some hazards to look out for. Especially for the sellers, there are many rules and guidelines one must follow in order to keep an account from being suspended. Some of the main requirements for opening a second seller account are as follows:

  • The recipient of a second seller profile must use a separate bank account when attempting to use said other profile.
  • One must have a sound business reason for opening a second account.
  • The products sold in both accounts must be uniquely different from each other.
  • One’s account and Performance Metrics are required to be within good standings.
  • Each account much use a different emailing address

Since much of the technological world is ever-changing, said requirements and regulations could change as well. Because of this, it is always best to contact Amazon’s support page for more details. Checking regularly can sometimes mean the difference between two healthy accounts and suspension, although Amazon has a good track record of notifying its clients of new developments.

Getting Permission for Sellers

Although seemingly overwhelming and mysterious, the action of contacting Amazon’s services in a bid for permission is not at all a colossal challenge or shrouded. Rather, if you already have a seller account, click the “Contact Us” button, and select the choice “Selling on Amazon”, then your account, then press “Other Account Issues”. It is within that window where one will make a case for themselves as well as list their reasons for wanting a second account. After sending in the request, the decision is left to Amazon as to whether accept or deny the inquiry. So before doing so, check that all the requirements for being considered are met in order to boost your chances of being permitted to open a second account.

Keeping One’s Privacy Unscathed

With all the excitement of opening another account or two, one can often forget the value of privacy and security when making these new spaces. As time marches on, hackers will always be able to find new and innovative ways to attack and abuse your personal information. With that being well defined, one of the best ways one can protect themselves is by renting a U.S.-based phone number. With this method, hackers will never be able to attack the individual personally as they use said telephone number in a multitude of ways; most relevant of which is creating new Amazon accounts. With reliable and efficient providers such as, protecting yourself with something as simple as a phone number has never been easier or more cost-efficient.