Solved: Error Messages on Microsoft Word

December 10, 2022

We can help solve Microsoft error messages! Read this article for solutions now.

Microsoft Word is software by Microsoft that allows you to create documents, tables, graphs, and more.

It’s the most well-known brand in word processing, hence the name, Microsoft Word. Did you know it was released in 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word?

Microsoft Word Error Messages (non-infographic)

As more computer versions were released, Microsoft began to update this software with better versions and more updates. If you are currently receiving an error message on Microsoft Word, read our tips below on troubleshooting this issue.

Reasons for Receiving an Error Message on Microsoft Word

To try troubleshooting the Microsoft error, the tips below may help you understand what the cause is.

Problems with Add-ins

Add-ins are additional software programs that have been added to other programs to support other functions or expand a software program’s capabilities. Issues with Add-ins can occur when they are not compatible with the current software, though they often may come with the program itself.

To learn more about add-ins, as well as how to view, manage or install them, click here. To troubleshoot add-ins directly from your computer, open your app in safe mode. You can do this by holding the CTRL key. Then, click on the Microsoft Word icon and do not release the button key.

It will then prompt you to confirm that you would like to open the app in safe mode. Confirm, then start Word. You will then be able to disable add-ins individually. You will need to disable the add-in one by one to see which one may have been causing this issue.

The app is not connected to the printer

If your printer or another device, such as this, is connected to your computer or Microsoft Word application, there may be some accessibility issues that can occur. Check to see if your printer has been connected to Microsoft Word. You can do this by attempting to print a document. If your printer has been connected, disconnect it and see if this issue still occurs.

Another way to do this is to close the Microsoft Word application and then update the printer settings by selecting start, then devices, and then selecting a printer. You can update by removing the printer listed there or switching it to a different printer.

Issues with third-party apps

Third-party apps that are downloaded on your computer may also interfere with Microsoft Word. If you have recently downloaded any applications onto your device that did not come from trusted websites or possibly could contain malware, this could be the cause of the Microsoft Word loading issue.

How to Solve the Microsoft Word Error Message

If you are receiving a Microsoft word error message, there may be many reasons why this could occur. Try the tips below to fix this issue with Word as soon as possible.

Repairing your office installation

To repair your Microsoft Word, you can try the Quick Repair function. If you do not wish to do this, you can delete the app and download it again on your device. This may help to remove any issues that were previously stored on the downloaded version of the application and may prevent future issues from occurring.

Login to Windows with a new user profile

If you are logged into Microsoft Office or Microsoft Word, you can try to troubleshoot this issue by logging out of your account. Once you log back in, see if you can access Microsoft Word without any additional issues.

Remove third-party apps

Other than running an anti-virus program, you can delete each app one by one and see if this solves the issue with Microsoft Word.

Still Not Working? Try Our Tips Below

If you are currently receiving an error message or even experiencing problems with typing on Microsoft word, it can be frustrating to try and work past this issue on your own. If none of our tips above help to resolve the problem, be sure to check out the tips below for alternative options.

The license may not be verified

If Microsoft Word is operating on a system that is in compatibility mode, this may be the issue that is causing the error to occur. Another issue similar to this that can occur is that the software protection on Microsoft Word was deleted during an update.

We recommend downloading the most up-to-date version of the app to ensure that the application is not faulty or missing key components. Before attempting to download again, make sure you delete the app so that this process can be done without any issues.

Account may not be paid for

For those that pay for Microsoft Word through its subscription service, if your plan has not recently been paid for, you will be denied access to the program. This will result in an error message or will prompt you to log in again or update your payment method.

Get help at Microsoft

Microsoft has many helpful forums and articles that can support your situation if you find that your situation cannot be resolved with these tips. Click here to go to the support site, and click here to enter the Microsoft Office forums.

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