5 Reasons Why Your LinkedIn Page Isn’t Getting Organic Traffic

August 13, 2022

Today we’ll review 5 reasons why your LinkedIn analytics show low organic traffic.

Why LinkedIn is a Great Platform to Engage Your Audience

With the necessity of marketing oneself to obtain a job or further a career, LinkedIn has almost always been a fantastic site for employers and employees alike. While one could consider LinkedIn to be a social media site, there are some notable differences between itself and other media giants such as Facebook or Instagram. The leading benefit against such sites is the extremely high presence of business-minded individuals. In fact, almost 60% of LinkedIn users fall between the ages of 25 to 34. Due to such a crowd populating the digital space, your advertisement is much more likely to be looked at with a closer lens compared to a rather younger crowd that utilizes Instagram’s services.

LinkedIn Marketing: How To Get More Profile Views (non-infographic)

However, there is a disadvantage to such focus as well. If in fact, you are trying to sell to a wider or even a more juvenile audience, LinkedIn could be doing your ads a huge disservice. Due to LinkedIn presenting itself as professional, the size of the youth demographic will of course be dwarfed by social media outlets such as Snapchat or TikTok. For this reason precisely, make sure to have a solid idea of who you wish to market to, as in this case, it can assist you exponentially or almost not at all.

Time Your Posts

If you have decided that your demographic aligns with LinkedIn, and the ads being created still lack the traffic desired, one could make the guess that it might be an issue with the timing of your posts. Marketing on Instagram might help with this skill, as having a steady and consistent posting schedule works to help gain traction and visibility on the site itself. To use Instagram as a point of reference when speaking about the importance of scheduling, one can easily find a constant stream of content from many successful influencers and celebrities alike. Having a set time frame on when to post helps not only a social media website to recognize your relevancy but also the community built alongside the content being provided.

An Identical strategy can be taken advantage of when marketing on LinkedIn as well. Although many individuals still see LinkedIn as a site primarily to be used for recruiting and job searching, it has of late become so much more. In fact, in this age, content reactions and impressions are beginning to far surpass the number of job postings that exist in the space. Therefore, even if the website still places great importance on the much-needed service of a defacto online resume, LinkedIn is increasingly becoming a place of business learning and discovery as well. With all this in mind, by planting engaging content periodically at times with the most user engagement like early morning and right after business hours, you can daringly increase your visibility. With more users wishing to encounter new things and educate themselves, posting advertisements doing just that sounds rather reasonable.

Post Relevant Information for Your Audience

Along with great timing so too also should exist excellent and relevant information in your content output. Again, closely related to its other media counterparts efficiently presented content scores much more successfully than those who market otherwise. Because LinkedIn is a community of qualified professionals that often provide quality services, you should expect to raise the quality of your advertisements to such standards fitting to the professional world. Hiring a graphic designer could be a great investment for this particular predicament because they can make a message or idea pop unlike any other for increased inspection by users. Just having a quality image alone can boost the visibility of your content, let alone having the support of superior design to make your ads stand out amongst the rest. Having simple, relevant, pleasing, and easy-to-understand content can help your message spread faster, and avoid being misinterpreted.

Have Content That Mirrors Your Branding

A factor that many tend to overlook when marketing on LinkedIn, mirroring your brand can be a useful and lifesaving tool to keep users always circling back to your services. Essentially, when posting content in droves, it can prove to be beneficial to implant information about the product or service you are selling, as to always keep users thinking about what is being sold to them. Whether the mention takes up a line or a paragraph, inserting your brand into the content being produced keeps visitors in a healthy and constant stream of content surrounding your business, often leading to greater trust amongst consumers.

Posting the Same Content on Other Platforms

So far, LinkedIn has proven to be a premier place to market your business depending on a few key factors such as age demographic and integral functions. While the website is a great way to expand your business, it would very much be a good idea to consider alternatives as well. After all, posting information on multiple sites is always better than just one. The greatest advantage of doing this from the perspective of LinkedIn is expanding to new demographics. As seen before, such small demographics can potentially hurt any marketing efforts being made. By expanding to other sites such as Facebook or Twitter, one can access huge communities that may hold a greater amount of consumers interested in your services. By following the previous guidelines listed, your travel onto other sites may help bring potential clients into the space of LinkedIn, especially if you are able to cycle everything being said back to the brand.

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