Receiving ‘Unknown Error -54’ on iTunes?

December 4, 2022

Are you receiving an unknown error message on iTunes? We have some solutions to this problem.

iTunes is your go-to media player for your Apple devices, also available on the Microsoft store. iTunes gives users access to songs, music videos, curated playlists, radio broadcasts, podcasts, and more.

Released in 2001, the app has been a way to download all of your favorite music from your favorite artists directly onto one account without having to depend on your music content to live on one device. Did you know that iTunes can also rip songs from CDs? That is if you still have a CD player on your laptop or computer.

iTunes ‘Unknown Error -54’: How to Fix (non-infographic)

Along with the amazing versatility and functionality of iTunes come problems with software or loading issues. If you have received the ‘Unknown Error -54’ on iTunes, you may be confused about what steps to take to solve this issue. Read this article for solutions to this error, and go back to jamming out on your favorite tunes.

Reasons for Receiving’ Unknown Error -54’ on iTunes

Here is a possible cause for the unknown error 54 iTunes. The error code 54 means that your device cannot be synced.

This often time happens if there is a certain file on your computer, or in this case on your iTunes, that is locked or corrupted, that is preventing your device from syncing the content. To solve this, you can click the OK option to bypass the sync issue and skip over the download for the file that cannot be synced.

If you do not see this option, or if this did not solve the issue, read on for more support in this matter.

How to Fix ‘Unknown Error -54" on iTunes

To fix the unknown error -54 on iTunes, read the tips below.

Consolidate files

To consolidate your iTunes files, you will need open iTunes. Then from the menu bar, select file. Then select the library button. You will then need to select the organize library option. Select the consolidate files option to proceed. Make sure you click OK to move forth. By consolidating your files, any copies of your music, etc., will be added to your library and keep them all in one spot.

Check for third-party interference

third party software is apps that are downloaded on your device. An example of third-party software is an anti-virus protection program. Sometimes installed third parties can interfere with the iTunes sync process.

Sync less content

A great tip to solve this issue is to conduct your sync process in small stages. If you are syncing one thousand songs all at once, rather than syncing one hundred songs, there is a greater chance that something will go wrong. We recommend syncing your content in small stages. That way, you can also ensure that none of your content is being missed from the sync, and you can also avoid your computer crashing or the iTunes app freezing.

Remove PDFs from syncing

If you have any PDF files on your device, such as backups of Ebooks or other possible content that would require this, this can also cause issues with the iTunes sync. To prevent this issue from occurring, you will first need to save your PDFs. The best way to do this without having it stored on your device is to airdrop it to another Apple device or send it to yourself via email. Once you do this, you will need to delete the PDFs from your device. Then, attempt the sync again on your iTunes to see if this solves the issue.

Still Not Working? Try These Tips

Still, receiving that pesky iTunes error message? We have some final solutions to solve this problem.

Delete content and download again

If you believe that the issue is occurring with your iTunes and not your device, you can try to delete your iTunes app from your device. This can help by removing saved content on your device. When you re-download the app, your content should also download directly from the iTunes store. Be aware that this might only support music downloaded directly from iTunes. Songs that have been ripped or scanned from Cds, as well as downloaded from other sources, might very well not be recovered from your iTunes downloads.

Delete content and import again

Instead of deleting the app, you can delete content directly from iTunes and import it again from the iTunes store through your account. Music or content not originally downloaded from iTunes will need to be imported again from their original source. This may restore versions of content that were originally not corrupted or had gone missing.

Get help from Apple

If you still have found no solution to the unknown error -54 on iTunes, you can reach out to the support team at Apple for more help. Click here to get support in this matter.

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