Solutions For Failed Instagram Upload - November (2022)

November 12, 2022

If your Instagram upload has failed, this article can help!

Instagram is a social media platform that connects over 1 billion users worldwide! Its users span from small business owners to influencers and celebrities. For others, it is a great way to showcase their personal lives to friends and family. From funny videos to selfies, the platform has countless hours of content that can draw users in.

Instagram upload failed: How to fix (non-infographic)

This site has grown in its popularity, making it a staple in popular culture and for younger generations. It is a way to connect and learn a lot about others. Users share pictures, videos, and reels. The platform is a great way for individuals and companies to market themselves and present their aesthetic values to their audiences.

Content on the site comes in the form of videos, stories, gifs, and moving pictures. Etc. So if you’re on the platform to have fun, post selfies, or dance on camera, it is a fantastic way to connect to the modern world and make friends. If you have found that your Instagram upload failed, read below.

Why Did My Instagram Upload Fail?

Logged onto your Instagram account and tried to post, only for your upload to fail. Are you confused about why this is happening? There are a few reasons why this could occur. This issue will prevent you from being able to post to your account and keep you from sharing your daily content.

We have some tips to help. Below are some reasons why Instagram won’t let you upload your content.

The Instagram server may be unavailable at this moment.

Though this doesn’t occur often, the platform server may be temporarily unavailable to users. Sadly, if this is the case that is occurring, you will try again at a later time. Wait a few additional hours before checking in to see if the Instagram upload error is still occurring.

There are glitches occurring with your account

Often time our accounts experience some issues. Glitches can be completed by uploading software or the app. You can also try to disconnect your wifi or turn off your device. Ee, the section titled “solutions for the Instagram Upload Failure’‘for more information.

There may be some issues with verification

If you are now finding that you cannot verify your account with your registered phone number, you cannot get access your account. See the section titled ‘Rent a Temporary Phone Number for Your Instagram Account’ for more information.

The app may have some bugs

Bugs are otherwise known as issues that cause the software to behave in unexpected ways. Bugs could be the cause of your Instagram preventing you from uploading.

Solutions for the Instagram Upload Failure

Instagram requires a strong internet connection to access the platform and content. If you are wondering, ‘Why won’t my Instagram video upload?’, the reasons listed below provide some tips to help troubleshoot this issue.

Your internet needs to be reset

If your internet or cellular connection is not strong enough to support the data required to download your media, your download will not be able to be completed. Check your cellular or wifi connection network preferences in settings. Make sure that it is connected and strong.

If you see that your internet connection has a low signal, disconnect your device from the internet and reconnect. Toggle airplane mode or unplugging your router is another way that you can reestablish your connection.

Your app needs to be updated

If you are accessing Instagram on a browser, check to see which version you are using. An older version may contain bugs and glitches and prevent you from downloading media. If you are accessing Instagram on the app, see if the app is up to date.

An older app usually is not updated by the software developers and has issues that have been fixed in the newer version. Outdated software will result in a new app or browser not functioning properly.

You need to try to log back into your account

Log out of your Instagram account, and then log back in. Think of the log-out process as turning off your computer and turning it back on to try and solve the issue.

Instagram Still Not Posting? Try These Tips to Solve This Problem

Reach out to Instagram’s support team for help

If you have tried our tips and could solve this problem, the support team at Instagram may be able to provide additional insight into exactly what is going on with your account. Click here to get help. You can click here for more support on your account not posting in order to better support you in this matter.

Check your phone number

The phone number you registered with your account may be the issue. If you don’t have access to the number you used to register, you will not be able to verify your device and won’t be able to log in. See the section below on how to use a temporary phone number from Tardigrada to register on Instagram.

Rent a Temporary Phone Number for Your Instagram Account

Renting a temporary phone number is a wave of the future. Nowadays, internet accounts require us to register our phone numbers in order to create an account. If you cannot verify your device on Instagram, renting a phone number is the solution.

Using your personal phone number online can put you at risk, as your number is associated with your name and or address. If you are searching for an increasingly new and improved way to register your phone number on your online accounts, click here. This is a quick solution and an easy alternative to using your cellular number, as a rented one can be changed as needed. This keeps access to your accounts right at your disposal. See the blog section on our site to learn more about Instagram, such as how to get more followers, ways to market better, as well as how to fix some common problems on the site.