Received an Unknown Error Message on Instagram? Get Help Here

November 12, 2022

Trying to access Instagram only to receive the “Unknown Error” message? We can help.

Instagram is a social media platform and site where users can message and interact with each other’s photographs. The app has gained mass popularity and now boasts over 1 billion users. With that many individuals on the site, it is easy to find friends, coworkers, and new colleagues among its population.

Instagram Unknown Error: How to Fix (non-infographic)

For those that use the app regularly, it is common to run into some problems. If you are trying to access the app only to receive an error message, such as “action blocked”, “account disabled”, or a black screen upon logging in, we have some solutions to get you back on the app in no time.

Possible Reasons for the Unknown Error Issue

If you encounter this error message or loading issue while trying to access the platform, there is an issue occurring with your connection to the server. See the reasons listed below for some insight into why you are receiving this message.

Errors in the software

If the device you are accessing Instagram is not up to date, there may be a bug or glitch occurring in your system. To optimize your device and ensure it is running with up-to-date fixes and newly supported software, you will need to take the step to download the newest version of the software.

See our troubleshooting solution titled “Update the software” if you believe this is what is causing the Instagram error.

Instagram’s server is down

If the Instagram server is, in fact, down, it will not be working. You then will not be able to access the platform due to the connectivity issues occurring from the platform’s end. Before you begin to troubleshoot on your end, you can check the status of the Instagram server by clicking here.

Though this does not commonly happen, it is a possibility and a reason why you may be receiving an error message.

Connectivity issues

In some cases, your connection to the internet may be the issue. Check to see the amount of cellular service you have or if your Wi-Fi signal is strong. You can do this by checking the top section of your device’s screen.

If you have a weak signal, you will need to troubleshoot by reconnecting your device to the internet or trying to access the internet when you have a stronger signal.

How to Troubleshoot the Instagram Error

Now, let’s get to the solutions. Try out the options below to troubleshoot the Instagram error.

Update the software

For mobile devices, such as iPhones or Androids, you can download software in the settings app. From here, you will see a section or tab titled ‘Software Update Available,’ which will notify you if there are any new possible updates to your software. If there is a new and improved update available, download it, and try to access Instagram again.

If your device’s software is up to date, you can try another one of our solutions located below.

Delete the app

This age-old tip often time never fails. Similar to updating the software, deleting the Instagram app can clear old data and stored caches that are impairing the app from functioning properly. Delete the app, and redownload it to see if this solves the problem.

Check-in with your account

Issues with your Instagram account could also be the reason why this error is occurring. Have you any reason to believe that your account may have been banned or reported? Violations of Instagram’s user agreement or failure to verify your account can result in an inability to access your account.

Check your email and see if you have any messages from Instagram. Messages such as the notification that there has been suspicious activity in your account or that you will be required to verify your phone number in order to access it can provide answers to what is occurring in your account. If you did not receive any messages, see the next section for more answers.

Still No Solution? Try These Options

Refresh your connection

To establish a strong internet connection and ensure that the error isn’t occurring as a result of this, try these next steps. Toggle Airplane Mode, or disconnect and reconnect to cellular or Wi-Fi to establish a stronger signal. Reset your network settings by selecting this option in your general settings under the reset tab.

We recommend even going as far as unplugging your router for your home internet to re-establish your network connection.

Refresh your device or browser

First, make sure you close out all open browsers or tabs on your device. Your device may be overloaded with opened apps, draining its functionality as your system is attempting to handle all of this at once. If you are on your mobile device, turn off your phone, and give it a few seconds before restarting.

If you are accessing Instagram from a computer, shut down the computer, and wait a few seconds before restarting.

Reach out to Instagram’s support team

If seemingly, all else fails, you can reach out to Instagram’s support team for more help. Click here to access Instagram’s Help Center. If you believe that your account has been banned without reason, you can attempt to dispute this by contacting them.

Rent a Phone Number

Issues with verification may leave you locked out of your Instagram account. With most online accounts requiring a mobile phone number for two-factor verification, it can be a hassle to depend on your device, especially if you suddenly lose access to it or change your phone number.

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