Instagram ‘Something Went Wrong’ Solved for 2022

September 17, 2022

If you receive the ‘something went wrong’ error message on Instagram, this article can help!

Instagram is an impactful social media platform that connects 1 billion users worldwide. With creators such as small business owners, influencers, celebrities, and even some of your friends, the platform manages to draw in a diverse variety of individuals.

Instagram has grown in its popularity, becoming a platform where users can share their pictures, create their own brands, and even market themselves in whichever manner they may choose. The aesthetic values of Instagram, in the form of videos, stories, gifs, moving pictures, etc., creates an experience where users can have control over how they are viewed by the public.

The platform has become a major marketing and connectivity tool as individuals can present themselves as the face of their own brands through creative representations of their products or public image. Whether you’re on the platform to promote your business, become an influencer, or post memes, the value of Instagram in the modern day is undeniable, as it can be a tool to reach success in our modern technological world.

Why Am I Getting the ‘Something Went Wrong’ Error Message on Instagram?

Did you log onto your Instagram account and see the “something went wrong” error message? Are you confused about what this means? An error message such as this is the platform communicating to you that there is a connectivity issue that is occurring. This issue will prevent you from being able to access your account, as well as prevent you from proceeding with your usual endeavors. Receiving this message is a nuisance, but we have some tips to help.

Here are some reasons why Instagram’s “something went wrong” error message may be occurring:

The Instagram server may be unavailable at this moment

Though this doesn’t occur often, the platform server may be temporarily unavailable to users. Sadly, if this is the case, you will need to log in or access your account at a later time.

There may be some issues with verification

If you are finding that you are unable to verify your account with your registered phone number, unfortunately, you will be unable to get access your account. See the section titled “Rent a Temporary Phone Number for Your Instagram Account” for more information.

The app may have some bugs

Bugs are otherwise known as issues that cause the software to behave in unexpected ways.

Other possible reasons for this error:

  • There are glitches occurring with your account

  • Your device cache needs to be cleared

How to Fix the Instagram Black Screen Error

To fix the “Something Went Wrong” Instagram error message, or if you are logging into your account and see nothing but a black screen, see our tips below.

Let’s begin with the basics:

  1. Exit the app.
  2. Check your Wi-fi or cellular connection.
  3. Please turn on the airplane mode setting, then turn it off to reset connections.
  4. Log out of the platform, then log back in and check if the issue is still occurring.
  5. Delete the app and reinstall it on your device.
  6. Update the Instagram app, or update your internet browser.
  7. See if your friends are having the same issue.
  8. Wait 24-48 hours before accessing the platform. The server may be down, or the developers need to fix the issue.

Still Lost? Instagram Troubleshooting Help and Alternative Options

Are you still seeing the error message “Oops, Something Went Wrong” on Instagram? If the tips above did not help, there might be some other issues that are occurring.

Clear your Instagram cache.

For Androids, go to settings, select the Instagram app, click on storage, and proceed to clear the cache. On iOS, you will need to delete the app. After reinstalling, it will clear the cache.

Try to access the app with another device.

Accessing the platform on an older device may cause some issues.

Log in on a computer.

Did you know you can access Instagram on your computer? Log in and see if the issue occurs here as well.

Deactivate your account.

Though this is not a preferred option, you can deactivate your account and see if it resets any connectivity issues. Don’t worry; you will be able to reactivate your account whenever you want.

Reach out to Instagram’s support team for help.

If you have tried our tips and still found no resolution, the support team at Instagram may be able to provide more insight into what is going on with your account. Click here to get help.

Check your phone number.

The phone number you registered with your account could be causing an issue. If you no longer have access to the number you used to register, you will not be able to verify your identity. Therefore, you will not be able to log in. See the section below on how to use a temporary phone number to register on Instagram.

Rent a Temporary Phone Number for Your Instagram Account.

Did you know you can rent a temporary phone number? Internet accounts often time require us to register our phone number with the platform in order to create an account. If you are having verification issues on Instagram or you are seeing a black screen, there may be a verification issue occurring.

If you have seemingly lost access to your Instagram account because you either do not have access to the registered number or you have changed your number, you can use a rented phone number to register on a new account on Instagram. Platforms require a phone number to verify your identity, and using your personal phone number online can put you at risk, as your number is associated with your name and or address.

If you are searching for a brand new way to register for accounts online or are having issues with verification, renting a temporary phone number is a great alternative as it can be changed as needed, keeping access to your accounts at the tip of your fingers. Check out the blog section on our site to learn more about Instagram, such as how to get more followers, how to market better, and how to troubleshoot some other common problems.