Instagram Not Posting? We Can Help!

November 12, 2022

If you are receiving the ‘something went wrong’ error message on Instagram, this article can help!

Instagram is an extremely popular social platform with over 2 billion monthly users! It is also one of the most commonly downloaded apps, and about 60% of its users log in every day. These stats can be shocking, but it seems like this platform has influenced the lives of its users.

Instagram Not Posting: How to Fix (non-infographic)

Its users range from all age groups and different demographics. Even creators of your close friends can be found on the app, as the platform manages to draw many. Instagram has grown in its popularity, becoming a platform where users can share their pictures, create their own brands, and even market themselves in whichever manner they may choose.

The aesthetic values of Instagram, in the form of videos, stories, gifs, moving pictures, etc., creates an experience where users can have control over how they are viewed by the public.

The platform is a major marketing tool for businesses. Going viral or receiving mass engagement on an Instagram page can be life-changing, as sponsorships and income from advertising can be enough to support oneself. This makes the site a competitive tool for those looking o grow their wealth and fame.

Individuals can become the face of their own brands. Whether you’re on the platform to make money or just have fun, it can be frustrating when your daily post doesn’t go through. So we have just the tips to help you out.

Why Is My Instagram Post Not Posting?

Did you just take the most jaw-dropping picture that the world has ever seen? Are you dying to share it with your friends as quickly as possible? We know that feeling. Unfortunately, Instagram can have some technical issues that can prevent you from posting your pictures. If you are on Instagram and this issue is happening to you, we can help with this problem.

Read on for some reasons why this error can occur.

You have a weak internet connection

Check your router to make sure you have a strong enough connection to support your device.

The app is glitching

Glitches in the app can be remedied simply. These troubleshooting tips included the basics.

See our section titled ‘What to Do to Troubleshoot This Instagram Error’ for more information on this matter.

You need to refresh the app

Exit out of the app to refresh the connection. Reopen it and try your post again.

Your picture is not supported

Sometimes the media you are trying to post cannot be read by the app. If you feel that this is the case, you can try to convert the media into another format, such as a png or jpg. You most likely will have to do this on a computer.

What to Do to Troubleshoot This Instagram Error

Wondering why Instagram is not posting? It is common for users to ask, “why is Instagram not letting me post?” or reach out for help, saying, “Instagram won’t let me post! What do I do?” Read our tips below to get answers.

Your internet needs to be reset

If your internet or cellular connection is not strong enough to support the data required to download your media, your download will not be able to be completed. Check your cellular or wifi connection to see if the strength is sufficient. You can do this by checking your network preferences in settings.

If you see that your internet connection has a low signal, go ahead and disconnect your device from the internet and try to reconnect. Toggling airplane mode or unplugging your router can help reestablish a stronger connection from your device to the internet.

Your app or browser needs to be updated

If you are accessing Netflix on a browser, check to see which version you are using. An older version may contain bugs and glitches that are preventing you from downloading media. If you are accessing Netflix on the app, check to see if the app is up to date.

An older app may not be updated by the software developers and can have issues that have been fixed in the newer version. In addition, outdated software will result in a new app or browser not functioning properly. Take the extra check to make sure your software is up to date, as well as to ensure your Netflix downloads will go through without any issues.

You need to try to log back into your account

This is an age-old tip that often time does not fail. Log out of your Netflix account, and then log back in. From here, you can try your download again to see if Netflix is still not downloading. Think of the log-out process as turning off your computer and turning it back on to try and solve the issue.

Instagram Still Not Posting? Try These Tips to Solve This Problem

Get help from the support team on Instagram

If our tips didn’t help, we apologize. You can click here to get help directly from the support team on Instagram. Troubleshooting on your own can be hard, but with Tardigrada, we work hard to give you extra support. Read on for even more support!

Rent a Phone Number

Lost access to your Instagram account? Lost access to a registered number used for verification? We have the solution for you. Even if you have changed your cell number, you can use a rented phone number to register a new account on Instagram. With a rented number, you can have countless ways to access your accounts, register for an unlimited amount of social media accounts, and prevent loss of logins in the future. Now aways, platforms require a phone number to verify your device. Truly, using your personal phone number online can put you at risk. Your cellular number is tied to your name and or address, and people can easily find out personal things about you.

If you are searching for a brand new way to register for accounts online or are having issues with verification, renting a temporary phone number is a great alternative as it can be changed as needed, keeping access to your accounts at the tip of your fingers. Check out the blog section on our site to learn more about Instagram, such as how to get more followers, how to market better, and how to troubleshoot some other common problems.