Instagram Logged You Out? Don’t Worry - We Got You!

September 24, 2022

Did you get logged out for no reason? We have some tips to get you back in.

Instagram is an American platform that has taken the world by storm. The social networking service connects users to each other, through their carefully curated pictures and their profiles available to one another through public versions of their account or by association only.

Instagram Logged Out Error: How to Fix (non-infographic)

The platform has become a way to create success in the form of branding, creating business and affiliate programs.

With all this growth, unfortunately, there are some setbacks on the technological side of things. Users encounter issues from glitches, blackouts, SMS verification, and loading issues. Suppose you are facing issues with logging or found that the site has logged you out without you doing this. Read more to find out.

Why Did Instagram Log Me Out?

Did you know that Instagram has several users worldwide? The login-in issue may be occurring to a lot of users of the platform, in addition to you.

Here are some reasons why your Instagram platform has logged you out of your account.

You may have lost your internet connection.

Check your connection. Or take the extra step to reconnect to the internet to re-establish the connection.

The app needs to be updated

Check what version of the Instagram app is downloaded on your phone. If you have an older version of the app, you may face some issues. Glitches may cause you to get logged out unbeknownst to you.

Your password may have been changed

Password changes or verification issues will log you out of your account or require you to enter your password. Try to re enter your phone number and see if you are able to log back into your account. If you have not changed your phone number, you might have been hacked. See the section titled “Tips to Get Back On Instagram” to learn more.

The app may have crashed

If you encounter a black screen while on Instagram or you have been logged out of the account, the app may be experiencing some issues. Though this does not happen often, there may be a server-wide issue that may be preventing users from using the site. If you keep seeing a black screen, wait a few minutes to hours and check back to see if this unfortunate issue is still occurring.

Tips To Get Back On Instagram

Here are some simple troubleshooting tips that you can try to get back on this social media platform.

Check to ensure that your account hasn’t been hacked

Instances such as being hacked, being banned from the site, or being reported can cause you to not be able to log into the account. If you have been logged out and cannot get back in, you will need to readout to Instagram’s support team in order to see what the issue is. If you believe that you have been banned or reported, you will need to make an appeal to Instagram in order to see if you will be able to be logged back in.

If your appeal does not go through, see our last section titled for alternative solutions to still access the app.

Issues with the app

If you have been logged out, the app may have crashed, the server is down, or your device could not support the ongoing scrolling that was happening. The most simple and effective solution is to just delete the app and download it again. Once you do this, log back in and see if the issue is still occurring.

Update your device

If you have an older device, whether it be your phone or computer, and a newer version of the app is required, you may need to update your software. To troubleshoot, access the platform from another device to see if you can log in and you are logged out; if you have no issues, your software probably needs to be updated.

Account issues

Another reason you are getting logged out without your consent is that there are issues with your account. If you are unable to verify your account through your phone number, you will be logged out and will be unable to access your account. If this has happened to you, see our section titled for more solutions.

Still Not Working? Additional Instagram Troubleshooting Tips

Reach out to Instagram Support

As mentioned previously, if these tips did not work, you will need to reach out to Instagram support to see what the issue is, as well as get some extra insight and confirm that the issue is not your Instagram account. You can also reach out to Snapchat Support for extra help. The support team at Instagram can provide assistance with any problems you may have. Click here to contact Instagram support.

Change your phone number on the account

Changing the phone number listed on the account can update the information that is on file. It will also allow you to register a new phone number for 2-factor verification. If you would like to register with a new phone number instead of your cellular number, you can enter a temporary number. These numbers are beneficial because they allow you to register for an unlimited number of accounts! Featuring pay-as-you-go options, the number that you rent can be changed or canceled as needed.

Register For A New Account

Registering for a new account with Instagram is another option if all else fails. It is also a great way to troubleshoot and confirm that and see if there is something wrong with your account. A new account will allow you to see if there are any similar issues. Though it will not have the same information and friends as your current account, it’s a great place to start.

Did you know that using a rented phone number can protect your account from getting hacked? When you register for your Instagram account, you probably register with your own cellular number.

If any issues are occurring with logging in, or you have lost access to the phone number that you used to register the account with, or even if you are looking to create another account, renting a phone number can provide you with an alternative solution to the limitations of being dependent on one number

To explore more about temporary number rentals, you can click here for some extra information. Our rented numbers have USA area codes able to revive SMS verification for online accounts and are an ideal option to protect yourself online.