How to Verify Your Facebook with a Temporary Phone Number

February 22, 2022

The Internet is by far one of the most powerful tools that have ever been created. Not only does it allow you to seamlessly community with others, but you can also use it as a resource to learn new information. It’s even possible to run an entire business from a laptop.

It’s essential, though, to be careful about who has your personal information. This is particularly true regarding social media. All it takes is a few seconds for someone to compromise your identity.

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To verify your Facebook account with a temporary phone number online, follow these steps.

Step 1: Use a Temporary Phone Number Provider

Unfortunately, you can’t simply create a new phone number on your own. What you can do, though, is sign up with a temporary phone number provider in order to secure one. This will help ensure that you don’t need to use your actual phone number.

Step 2: Verify Your Number

When you have created your temporary phone number, go to Facebook and log in to your account.

You will see a “Verify Phone Number” button on the left-hand side of the screen. Click it.

Step 3: Enter the Verification Code

Once you’ve verified your phone number, go back to Facebook and verify it by entering the code that was sent to your temporary number. If you don’t receive one, you have the option to resend it.

That’s it! You’ll be safe on Facebook once more.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Fake Phone Number?

Besides the obvious benefits of not giving away your real phone number, there are other reasons you should consider using a temporary phone number. These are highly useful and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Listed below are some of the most notable.

Less Spam and Telemarketing Calls

This is especially true if you frequently use Facebook Marketplace.

There’s nothing worse than getting bombarded with spam or telemarketing calls about home security systems or life insurance. Some spam calls even seek to trick you into providing personal information.

Clarity of Communication

Sometimes, you will encounter a situation on Facebook where it is ideal to call or text another party. However, you might not always want to provide your personal phone number.

You can help streamline communication by using a temporary phone number in a situation like this.

Protection From Identity Theft

Although Facebook doesn’t ask for your identity like some other websites do, it is still possible that someone could steal your identity or use your name to send out spam. By using temporary phone numbers when signing up for new accounts online, you give yourself more security and peace of mind about who’s accessing your personal information.

So, be sure that you consider this when moving forward.

What Should I Look for in a Temporary Phone Number Provider?

Not all temporary phone number providers are created equal. There are certain nuances that you need to keep an eye out for.

When you’re ready to find a temporary phone number, make sure that the service has the following features.

High-Quality Customer Support

One of the most important things you should look for in a temporary phone number provider is high-quality customer support. Look for an agency with 24/7 availability and a team that’s friendly and informative.

Watch out for companies that only communicate via email or chat support, as they may not be able to accommodate your needs.

Low Rates

If you’re on a tight budget, make sure that the company has reasonable rates for text messaging and international calls.

Find out how much it would cost to call different countries before settling on one phone number provider. Otherwise, you might end up paying far more money in extra fees than you anticipated.

Free Trial

If you want to try out their services before committing to them long-term, look for a company that offers free trials so you can see if their numbers are compatible with your phone.

As with any free trial, though, be sure that you remember when this trial period is up. It’s not uncommon for people to get billed for the full service if they don’t cancel their trial in time.

The Best Types of Temporary Phone Numbers to Use For Facebook Verification

When you’re ready to choose a temporary phone number, look for the following types. This will help ensure that you make the best decision for yourself.

The two primary choices are:

Phone Number With Voicemail

Temporary phone numbers that come with voicemail are great for those who want to remain anonymous while interacting with other people. You can use your real phone number for emergencies, or give it out to people you really trust.

It will also help you communicate with other people while remaining anonymous.

Text Messaging Only

If you don’t want to receive calls on your secondary phone number, look for one that comes with text messaging. Make sure the provider has reasonable rates for international texts if you plan on using this option when signing up for Facebook verification.

You can always add voice service later if you decide that receiving calls is an important part of your temporary phone number plan. more often than not, this is all you will need when looking for a temporary phone number to sign up.

This is because most websites require you to receive SMS online to verify your identity. For example, you might need to receive a Google SMS verification code online if you log into your account from an unfamiliar device.

Finding a Temporary Phone Number Online Might Seem Difficult

However, it’s much easier than you likely believe. The above guide has everything you need to know about how to obtain a temporary phone number online that will work for your situation.

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