How to Set Up Multiple Telegram Accounts in 2022

August 20, 2022

Looking to expand your reach on Telegram? Here’s how to create multiple telegram accounts.

Can You Create a Telegram Account Without a Phone Number?

Telegram is a free-to-use app, that competes with messaging apps like Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger. The founder of the app, Pavel Durov, left Russia after he refused to cooperate with the Russian secret service. He created Telegram to combat government encroachment upon the privacy of its citizens. The app keeps messages between its users secure and untraceable, which is immensely beneficial for those with privacy concerns.

How to Set Up Multiple Telegram Accounts in 2022 (non-infographic)

For Telegram registration, there is no need to rely on your number, with a rented phone number, you can create as many Telegram accounts that you may need for personal or business use. In this article, we will go over the benefits of having multiple accounts and how to create a Telegram account with a virtual phone number instead of your number.

Advantages of Having Multiple Telegram Accounts

Telegram’s users may need multiple accounts to manage their communication with one another. Having more than one account can keep threads and conversations organized. For example, one account can be for personal use, and another for work use. If you are looking to keep your conversations separate from each account, managing multiple accounts is a great way to only have one point of contact for each conversational purpose.

This can keep different receivers separate from your accounts and result in not having any cross-conversational issues. However, if you establish more than two accounts on Telegram, you will run into some difficulties due to the limit on one phone number being limited to two. This is why a rented phone number is a simple solution for this limitation. Registering for a new account with a rented phone number provides you with united ways to create as many accounts as you may need.

Disadvantages of Having Multiple Telegram Accounts

Though having multiple accounts is highly beneficial to users for the aforementioned reasons, there are some disadvantages of having multiple accounts with Telegram. There will be some difficulties that will arise when being overloaded with accounts to manage. Though there will be more opportunities for connectivity, it can get to be a bit much for some users.

Here are some issues that can occur when you have multiple Telegram accounts:

  • Each account requires a phone number. If you do not have more than one number, it will be impossible to create another account.
  • Switching accounts on one device can be difficult and annoying. You will need to sign in and out of each account in order to check or respond to messages.
  • Signing up with your phone number can prevent you from using it again in the future.
  • You may encounter some issues with login in and out to check your messages, such as verification issues, loading issues, and issues with the app.

Fortunately, renting a phone number can solve most of these issues. With a disposable phone number, you will no longer be limited to using your number for registration purposes. This workaround is an effective tool for registering for all social media accounts, and results only in benefits for those who are looking to secure their privacy, register for multiple accounts, and be able to verify their accounts without relying on one sole device.

How to Create Additional Telegram Accounts

To create additional Telegram accounts, and get started on your new savvy ways of communicating securely, you will need to get a rented phone number for each account. A virtual number is a great alternative for those who would rather not use their phone number to register, or need it to create multiple accounts. To create multiple accounts, be prepared with a rented phone number. Rent a phone number for each account you would like to create. For example, if you are looking to create five accounts, go ahead and rent five different phone numbers before registering for Telegram.

Follow these steps to make an additional Telegram account:

  1. Register at and purchase as many credits as you need. The best feature of Tardigrada is that you do not have to purchase more than you need.
  2. Now, download and register for Telegram on iOS or Android.
  3. When it asks for your number, you need to enter +1 along with the virtual phone number you received from Tardigrada.
  4. Telegram will send a text to the number to verify that you are who you say you are.
  5. Once you’re able to receive SMS online with your new number, you can complete the verification and start using Telegram!

From here, you can follow these steps for each account that you would like to create. Once again, renting a phone number gives you unlimited opportunities for the number of accounts you would like to create.

Telegram SMS Verification

When signing up for online services such as Telegram, SMS verification is required, and you must provide the site with your phone number to register. Telegram’s verification code is used to request its users to enter their phone numbers every time someone wants to create an account. This verification code confirms that you are the real owner of the account that is trying to be accessed. Without the confirmation of the verification code, there is no way to continue to access the account without the completion of the verification. offers complete SMS verification services with each rented phone number. Each number is disposable and can be changed as need be, which is desirable to those who need to update their accounts to avoid any verification issues. So, get started today and read on for more information on this immensely beneficial tool in current messaging services. See this Complete Guide to Disposable Phone Number Services to see how renting a temporary phone number will best help you to navigate the online world of verification, and continue to help you to access your apps safely and without any technical difficulties.