Recover Your Account after Two-Step Verification Fails (Google)

June 18, 2022

In this article, we’ll analyze how to bypass the two-step authentication process when all else fails. We’ll also review why and how two step verification processes fall short, specifically with Google and how to recover Google accounts if the verification process fails.

How to recover your Google account when 2fa fails - article contains information, not this image)

Why Does Two-Step Verification Fail?

The digital two-step verification process has been around for quite some time, and has gained traction in recent years, especially when Google started using the two step process for increased security for their customers. Although this innovation adds an extra level of protection, a multitude of issues can come about resulting in unnecessary stress or annoyance in the everyday user. For the many of us who may be frequent-flyers of outlets such as Gmail or Facebook, learning how to quickly find a solution or even bypass this system can be crucial for not only ease-of-use, but also the productivity of those who operate within these sites for a living. Listed below are the most common issues pertaining to the verification process, and ways in which one might go about correcting them.

Lost or Stolen Security Keys

For websites that don’t send you different security keys for every login, the reality of losing or having your security stolen can be much more prevalent than one might think, especially when it comes to the Amazon OTP Scam. When it comes to lost or stolen security keys, websites will most often either ask you for any back-up security keys you may have added, or if there are other devices involved with the account. They may also prompt the user to go through the inconvenient process of manually recovering the account. Recovering an account from Google may take a painstaking 3-5 business days in full. The best method for avoiding such problems from occurring would be to either provide an additional security key, allowing the user to swiftly remove any stolen key or replace a lost one.

On Google Support for lost or stolen security keys they recommend a few different options when it comes to forgotten, misplaced, or appropriated information. They state: if you’ve lost access to your primary phone, you can verify it’s you with another phone signed into your Google account or by getting a new phone from your carrier. Instead of having to reach out to your carrier, simply rent a U.S. based phone number from and skip the wait, headache of dealing with your phone carrier and expense of getting a new permanent phone number.

Forgetting Your Password

Although the conception of the password far predates the two-step verification system, it’s equally integral to the structure of said system than the added security. Luckily, forgetting your password is by far the easiest dilemma to solve on this list. All websites should in good faith hold an easy to find option for resetting one’s password. Most everyone should be able to have a simplistic alternative when creating a new password. Forgetting your password is all too common – it happens to everyone! One of Google’s recommendations provided on their website is adding an alternative phone number, or reaching out to your phone carrier and requesting a new phone number. Instead, like we stated above, we’d recommend the easier and cheaper option of renting a phone number for 30 minutes from This allows you to not only keep your personal information like phone number private but also allows you to complete that pesky two-step verification process.

Your Backup Code was Revoked

If your backup code was not accepted you might be worried you can’t get codes by call or text. Not to fret - you can use Google Authenticator to sign into your Google Account. This is a great option if you originally used a backup code to sign in but hit a snag and the code became inactive. Here are a few tips for if your backup code was revoked using Google:

  • Once you receive your backup code, you must use it immediately so that the system doesn’t “time you out”.
  • In order to use any backup code, you must in turn enable 2-step verification.
  • Consider using an alternative phone number like renting a U.S. phone number if you’re worried about authentication issues with your own personal number.

You Didn’t Receive Your Verification Code

Of all the issues surrounding extra verification, receiving no code at all is the most troubling and at times the most confusing mess you can find yourself in. Aside from a website’s errors, your own wifi plan, cellular phone, or even location could be the culprit in blocking a much needed verification code. To fully assess the situation and make an educated decision, follow these steps below:

  • Wait a minute or so to let any small delays sort themselves out.
  • Examine your phone for any unusual displays or glitches.
  • Check to make sure notifications are turned on.
  • Make sure you are in an area that has some level of decent cell service.
  • Try a different method of verification if offered. (using voice call rather than text).

If all of these points fail to lead you to success, the next best option would be to come into contact with the service in which you are trying to access for added support. Although a response or solution can vary from minutes to days, it would be the best option for solving such a complicated mystery.

How to Recover Your Account Without Two-Step Verification

If you’ve ever done troubleshooting with any two-step verification processes it can be cumbersome to no avail. Like we stated above, some potential obstacles can be not receiving your verification code, having your backup code revoked, forgetting your password and other related issues.

We recommend signing in with your backup phone number or having an alternative way for Google to contact you. This includes renting a phone number to temporarily authenticate your account. We hope these tips allow you to understand why the two-step verification process may lead to more issues than solutions. Join the thousands of individuals already using Tardigrada to authenticate their accounts on various platforms like Tinder and Netflix.