How to Create Multiple Hinge Accounts

August 13, 2022

Looking to run a social experiment on Hinge, or get back on after being banned? Here’s how to set up another Hinge account.

Why Would Someone Have Multiple Hinge Accounts?

Hinge is a platform where users can connect with one another and build relationships. This platform is different from other sites such as Tinder or Bumble, particularly because Hinge has fewer likes for its users on free plans. This causes users to be more selective with whom they are connecting.

How to Create Multiple Hinge Accounts (non-infographic)

Here are some reasons why an individual could have multiple Hinge accounts:

A larger chance of connecting with more people

With fewer like options for free accounts, having multiple accounts allows users to send out more likes. This gives them a greater chance of connecting with new people and receiving matches with others.


With the use of non-VoIP numbers, individuals won’t need to use their private phone numbers for their accounts. This allows them to make multiple accounts to protect their private information and personal profiles.

Fake accounts

Users may need a fake account if they are poorly received by other users. If one feels like they are unattractive or suffer from insecurities, fake accounts allow users to connect with others without biases hurting their chances of making meaningful relationships.

Hinge Account Banned?

Hinge’s service team may ban accounts if they find users have violated any terms that are on their user agreement policy. Though this may occur unjustly and seemingly without reason, Hinge’s policy is in place to protect the identities of those that report it. They do not let the user know how they are being banned nor answer any inquiries about why the account was banned.

Here are some reasons why your Hinge account may be banned:

  • Another user reported you.
  • There were inappropriate uses of pictures.
  • Harassment of other users.
  • Unable to log back in due to loss of email or access to a phone number.
  • SMS Verification

If you’re unable to confirm SMS verification your account may be locked or banned.

The easiest way to combat your Hinge account being banned is to make another account. You can do this by using a temporary phone number to create a new account that is not linked to your phone number. As banning can occur for many additional unknown reasons that are out of your control, this is the simplest way to log back on and not fear your account being banned in the future.

Create Fake Hinge Profiles

If you’re looking to create a fake Hinge profile for personal use, without using your phone number, renting a temporary phone number is the easiest way to do this. With non-VoIP phone numbers, SMS verification for Hinge has never been easier. SMS verification is used by social media platforms to verify a user identity as well as the actuality of the device that the account is being operated on. This is a privacy measure that can impede the creation of multiple accounts for personal use.

Here are some benefits of having a fake or 2nd Hinge profile:

  • Provide a backup for your personal account.
  • You can pretend to be someone you’re not.
  • Have access to accounts that have blocked yours.
  • Use of an account that is not connected to your personal name.
  • You can move stealthily online.
  • You can confirm a made-up identity.

How To Create Multiple Hinge Accounts

Having multiple Hinge accounts can be beneficial to all Hinge users, as being accidentally banned on the site or losing your log-in verification information is common.

If you are looking for how to create multiple Hinge accounts, read further for a straightforward guide to achieve this:

  1. Use a rented phone number service to get a temporary phone number to use for login and SMS verification.
  2. Create a new profile on Hinge and use the rented number as the phone number you need to provide for the necessary account information.
  3. Confirm the SMS verification.
  4. Log into your new account, add pictures and connect with others.

Can You Create a Hinge Account Without a Phone Number?

You can easily create a Hinge account without a phone number! With non-VoIP rented phone numbers, you can get a phone number that is based in the US and can be used for SMS verification for any social media site such as Hinge. Hinge allows you to sign up through your Facebook account or through a phone number, which both are tied to and reveal your personal information. Using a rented number allows you to access your account without having any information tied back to you. Using a fake phone number on a large platform such as Hinge will help to protect you from others by concealing your identity. Additionally, the spam you receive from the platform will be reduced as you will not be bombarded by verification codes.

Hinge SMS Verification provides you with a temporary phone number that is based in the US and created solely for the course of SMS verification. Here, this will be the last time you will need to enter your real phone number, and from then on you will be able to stay protected online, and be able to manage multiple accounts without dependency on a traditional phone line. Use a rented phone number for a Hinge verification code, or anything else you may need it for.

Here are the steps to use a rented phone number to confirm Hinge’s SMS Verification:

  1. Sign up for a temporary phone number with Tardigrada. Tardigrada credits can be purchased with Ethereum and Bitcoin. Once your payment is submitted you can then sign up for a fake phone number, which you can use from anywhere, and pay as you go, or as needed, unlike other traditional telephone service providers.
  2. Use the provided phone number to sign up for Hinge. You will receive your SMS verification code for Hinge through the website. Then, you’ll be able to log onto your Tardigrada dashboard and receive the SMS code.
  3. Confirm the SMS verification.
  4. Log in and enjoy!