How To Bypass Tinder SMS Verification (This Actually Works)

May 28, 2022

Want to sign up to Tinder? Or sign up for a new account, perhaps? You’ll need to give them a phone number for SMS verification. But you may want to avoid giving Tinder your real phone number. Read on to find out why.

Why you shouldn’t use your real phone number to sign up to Tinder

All the big online services like Tinder say they only want your phone number to help secure your account, and to help prove you’re a human being. That’s what they say.

However, once any of the big online services (Tinder included) get your phone number, there’s no telling what will actually happen to it.

For example, just three days ago, another big online service, Twitter, was forced to pay a $150m fine to the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission for misusing their users’ phone numbers.

Now you might be saying, what does that have to do with me? I don’t use Twitter, I use Tinder (or I want to start using Tinder).

Well, what if Tinder did the same thing to your phone number when you sign up?

What if they sell your phone number to marketing databases, and you suddenly start getting more SMS ads, pinging you day and night?

What if spammers get your phone number and you start getting robocalls trying to take your money?

Now, we’re not saying Tinder would do any of that, only that it could happen, and you need to protect yourself.

Look, Tinder is fun. Just sign up with a number other than your real phone number. (Don’t worry, you can still give your real number to your matches, even if it’s different from the number you signed up with.)

We can help you sign up to Tinder while still keeping your real phone number private, for just $2.

Simply sign up with us (we’re Tardigrada, by the way, nice to meet you 🤝) and rent one of our temporary phone numbers.

Now when you sign up to Tinder, and they ask for your phone number, just give them the phone number you rented from us instead of your actual number. (As mentioned before, you can still give people you meet on Tinder your actual phone number if you want, or your WhatsApp, IG, or any other method you prefer.)

Your extra-secure Tinder account will be created and verified, and you’ll be ready to start matching with others! Go ahead and get started - sign up with Tardigrada today!

We use real phone numbers from US carriers like T-Mobile

You won’t have any issue signing up for Tinder with our phone numbers, because we use real phone numbers from US carriers like T-Mobile.

You won’t find any “internet phone numbers” (technically known as “VOIP numbers”) here! That’s how we know our service works great.

Will this work in countries other than the US, such as the UK or Australia?

Yes. Our phone numbers will work for Tinder signups even if you’re based in a country other than the US.

So if you’re in the UK, Europe, Australia or New Zealand, for example, you’ll still be able to bypass Tinder’s SMS verification by using our temporary phone numbers.

And you’ll still be able to show your location as “Sydney”, “London”, “Auckland” or wherever you are.

Tinder phone carrier not supported” - what does this mean?

If you were to use our competitors to rent a phone number, you may get an error such as “Tinder phone carrier not supported”.

This is likely because our competitors are renting you “internet phone numbers” or “VOIP phone numbers” instead of real ones.

Here at Tardigrada, we’ll only ever rent you real phone numbers from carriers such as T-Mobile.

That’s how you know our service works first time, every time.

Tinder text not arriving? You won’t have any issues when you rent our phone numbers

You won’t have any issues getting your Tinder text with your verification code when you use our services. When you sign up to Tinder using one of our phone numbers, we’ll show you your Tinder text code as soon as we get it. On your computer, simply open up your Tardigrada dashboard - which you’ll get when you sign up with us - and you’ll see your Tinder text code appear as soon as we get it.

How much does it cost to rent a phone number to bypass SMS verification for Tinder?

Now, you might be wondering how much this costs? The answer is not much!

It costs just $2 to rent one of our real US phone numbers for 30 minutes, which is all you need to get your SMS verification code. Your future self will thank you!

Get started with Tardigrada today, and protect your privacy on Tinder

Get started today, and sign up to Tardigrada here.