How To Bypass Grindr SMS Verification (This Actually Works)

May 25, 2022

Want to sign up to Grindr? Or sign up for a new account, perhaps? You’ll need to provide a phone number for SMS verification. But in 2022, you may want to avoid giving Grindr your real phone number. Here’s why.

Why you shouldn’t use your real phone number to sign up to Grindr

First off, we have nothing against Grindr. There are no specific issues we have with them. But in 2022, any app can get hacked. Do you really want your real phone number exposed if Grindr gets hacked? Unfortunately, there are more than a few judgmental people out there, so it’s best to protect your private details where you can.

And it’s not just hacking we have to think about.

Like many companies, Grindr may end up selling your private details to third-party marketing firms. Again, we’re not saying Grindr would do this. Just that they could. Do you really want your real phone number being bought and sold behind your back?

How to keep your real phone number private when signing up to Grindr

So how do you avoid using your real phone number when signing up? Here at Tardigrada, we make that easy.

Here’s how it works.

When signing up to Grindr, at some point they’ll ask you for your phone number.

They do this so they can prove you’re a real human being.

They want to send you an SMS verification code (usually a six digit code like, say, 123888).

They’ll then have you type in that six-digit code (in our example it would be 123888) into Grindr to prove that you’re a real human with a phone number.

And like we covered earlier, the problem with this is that Grindr then has your real phone number on their database, where it can be hacked or bought and sold.

Here at Tardigrada, we can help you avoid this.

Simply sign up with us, and rent one of our numbers for 30 minutes. It costs just $2, and you’ll never have to give Grindr your real phone number.

When Grindr asks you for your phone number, just give them the phone number you rented from us.

Grindr will send the six-digit verification code (e.g. 123888) via SMS to that number. And you’ll see the six-digit verification code right here in your Tardigrada dashboard. You then type that six-digit code into the Grindr signup form.

Boom! You’ll be signed up and verified with Grindr, and ready to start swiping right.

Sign up with Tardigrada today!

We use real phone numbers from US carriers like T-Mobile

You won’t have any issue signing up for Grindr with our phone numbers, because we use real phone numbers from US carriers like T-Mobile.

You won’t find any “internet phone numbers” (technically known as “VOIP numbers”) here! That’s how we know our service works great.

“Grindr phone carrier not supported” - what does this mean?

If you were to use our competitors to rent a phone number, you may get an error such as “Grindr phone carrier not supported”.

This is likely because our competitors are renting you “internet phone numbers” or “VOIP phone numbers” instead of real ones.

Here at Tardigrada, we’ll only ever rent you real phone numbers from carriers such as T-Mobile.

That’s how you know our service works first time, every time.

Will this work in countries other than the US, such as the UK or Australia?

Yes. Our phone numbers will work for Grindr signups even if you’re based in a country other than the US.

So if you’re in the UK, Europe, Australia or New Zealand, for example, you’ll still be able to bypass Grindr’s SMS verification by using our temporary phone numbers. And you’ll still be able to show your location as “Sydney”, “London”, “Auckland” or wherever you are.

How much does it cost to rent a phone number to bypass SMS verification for Grindr?

Now, you might be wondering how much this costs? The answer is not much!

It costs just $2 to rent our real US phone numbers for 30 minutes, which is all you need to get your SMS verification code. Your future self will thank you!

Get started with Tardigrada today, and protect your privacy on Grindr

Get started today, and sign up to Tardigrada here.