Firefox Not Connecting to the Internet? We Can Help!

December 26, 2022

Can’t get Firefox to connect to the internet? Read this article for assistance.

Firefox is a web browser available to all those who download it. It is developed by the Mozilla corporation. Firefox claims that it is faster and more secure than other browsers. Providing users with a cleaner interface. With its release year of 2002, you might remember Firefox being the go-to web browser of its time.

The difference that still stands between Firefox and other browsers, such as Chrome, is that it is an open-source browser. In other words, Firefox has computer software that has been developed with the purpose of being a browser that is available to the public without charge.

Firefox Not Connecting to the Internet

If you are having issues with Firefox not connecting to the internet or are receiving an err_file_not_found Firefox error message, this article can help. Read on for more information.

Reasons for Firefox Not Connecting to the Internet

There are several reasons why Firefox could have connectivity issues. Whether it is from your computer, your service, or the browser itself, it can be frustrating to diagnose the problem without knowing the reasons for what is causing this issue. The following topics may provide insight into possible causes of the Firefox not loading issue.

Poor connection

If Firefox is not connecting to the internet, or perhaps your favorite youtube video on Firefox is not loading, you may have lost your internet connection. Check your connection at the top of your device’s screen. By looking at the levels of the bars, you can see whether your connection is strong or weak.

A weak connection could result in loading issues with your browser. If you do, in fact, have a weak connection, you can disconnect and reconnect to your internet service to try and establish a stronger connection.

Issues with your firewall

Firewalls on your computer are a great way to stay protected from malware and other threats. Unfortunately, it is possible for your firewall or antivirus service to mistakenly block the Firefox browser, causing loading issues to occur. To troubleshoot this issue, enter the portal or settings of your antivirus software program.

Be sure to remove Firefox from the list of trusted services or programs. Then, you can re-add Firefox as a trusted program on your malware program. Be sure to check to see if this is the issue preventing Firefox from loading, and try to access the browser again. If this did not solve the loading issue, you could keep reading to find more answers.


If your computer has been infected with viruses, these viruses may be preventing your Firefox browser from loading properly. If you suspect that your device could have viruses, taking the extra step to scan for viruses can help to see if this, in fact, is the issue.

How to Fix the Firefox Internet Connection Error

Read the tips below for fixes for this error.

Clear cache and cookies

Cache and cookies that are stored on your browser may store glitches or bugs in the system. If these are not cleared, your browser may not function properly. To clear these cache and cookies on the Firefox browser, select the tools tab located on the menu bar. Then, proceed to select the clear recent history option.

Make sure you select the everything option to clear all stored cache and cookies.

Delete the browser

Deleting the Firefox browser can help to restore the original functioning version. If you have the app downloaded on your device, troubleshoot the loading issue by deleting the app. Once deleted, you can proceed to download it back onto your device. If this did not solve the loading issue, be sure to read on for more tips.

Try a new site

If the site you are attempting to access is not loading, the issue may be with the site and not Firefox. Open a brand new browser or tab, and type in a new site. If you are able to access another site with no issues, you may have to use another browser to access this site.

Still Not Working? Try These Tips

Create a new Firefox profile

If you are logged into Firefox with your account, log out and see if the loading issue still occurs. Creating a new profile may allow you to work past the loading issue if no other tips help.

Turn off your device

To restart the troubleshooting process, close out all open tabs on your computer. Then, power off your device. Wait a few seconds, then proceed to start up your device once again. Upon restarting, load the Firefox browser once again.

Customer support

If you tried all of our tips to no avail, you could read out to the support center at Firefox. Click here to access the support site and get more help in the form of customer service or helpful supporting articles.

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