3 Marketing Mistakes You’re Probably Making with Facebook

August 6, 2022

Today we will explore three marketing mistakes that are commonly made with Facebook accounts.

Why Facebook is a Great Platform to Engage Your Audience

Facebook has been extremely popular among social media users since its creation in 2006, in fact, 56% of people visit Facebook to get information. With consistent increases in revenue and upward trends of growth in the company, this platform remains a large competitor amongst newer types of social media. As a marketer, understanding this platform and mistakes to avoid, will help increase your brand impact and serve your audiences with content they want to see. With the influx of new types of content being created by the founders, there are infinite ways to engage your audience with content such as photos and videos, photo carousels, and slideshows.

Facebook marketing mistakes (non-infographic)

Zero Engagement with Your Audience

Receiving zero engagement with your audience can make creating consistent content and reaching organic growth seemingly impossible, as well as increase frustrations. Yet, receiving zero engagement is a great way to see what is not working for your brand, as well as give insight on how to improve engagement amongst audiences. If you find your posts and account receiving zero engagement or traffic, do not fret, as there are solutions that will help to improve this situation.

Here are some ways to check in with your post engagement:

Page Views

Page Views will inform you how many times someone has viewed your page. If you find your page views to be at a minimum, it means that you are not driving enough traffic to your page. This will help you to try and experiment with new ways to reach users, such as through promotions, advertisements, links, or other social media support. Receiving more views on your page or posts reveals that more users are becoming interested in your brand and are more likely to engage with your content.

Post Reach

Post Reach reveals how many people have seen your posts on their feeds. This is an important metric as you will see the type of reach you have on the platform. Users have to be able to see your content or ad in order to get to your account or website. To use these metrics to your advantage, calculate the conversion percentage from your post reach and link clicks to see if you are reaching your engagement or sales goals.

Post Engagements

Post engagements reveal the number of times that users have liked, clicked, shared, or commented on your posts. Use these statistical numbers to reveal the impact of your content, and whether the content you created is generating interest among audiences. Use this information on your post’s engagement, to review your previous posts and see which ones received the most reactions and shares. With this information, you can produce more content that’s similar to what has received the most amount of engagement. This will guarantee more success and traffic to your page. Then, do more of what’s working and less of what’s not.

Pages to Watch

In your account settings, the “Pages to Watch” feature allows you to enter account names that are competitive to your own. This feature reveals their page likes, posting amount, and engagement. Use this feature as an indication of your brand’s relevance to competitors’ performances, to stay at the top of accounts that are similar to your own, be inspired by their content and brand, and become more successful than them.

Non-Relevant Posts

Posting content that is irrelevant to your audience or niche, results in receiving the least amount of interaction from your followers.

For example, if your account is a nonprofit organization, posting content about sales will disrupt your marketing impact and make your followers likely to disengage from your account. To stay relevant, use trends or other inspirations from similar accounts to stay competitive with other content that is being created on the site and brands that are similar to your own. Though personalization and uniqueness is important, try to stay away from irrelevant posts in order to keep your followers engaged and ensure popularity in your niche.

Not Interacting and Posting at the Right Time

Not receiving interactions and posting at the wrong times results in followers either not seeing your content, or not caring about the content you worked so diligently on creating.

Here are some ways to ensure that your audiences will foremost, see your content, and interact with it.

  • Experiment with the time you are posting.
  • Analyze posts you have previously created.
  • Check when your followers are online.
  • Schedule your posts for those optimal times of the day.

Prior to creating new content, taking the time to study your Facebook’s best times to post in relation to your audience will prepare you for success. Being able to analyze what times of the day your followers log on will ensure that your content is being seen by users and is better prepared to be interacted with. With this insight, schedule upcoming posts in alignment with those times.

Posting the Same Content on Other Platforms

Posting the same content on other platforms can be repetitive and boring. The most important part of creating content is staying up to date and remaining relevant to your followers. Followers that follow several of your accounts ultimately do so because they like to see your content and are fans of your brand. Repetitive posting across multiple accounts may result in followers unfollowing one or more of your accounts because they are seeing the same content, multiple times on their feed.

If you feel overwhelmed by creating new content on other platforms, utilize a strategic plan to have different goals for each account. Through the use of goal-driven content, you can create new and relevant content for each account and ensure engagement and organic growth on the platform.