Solved: Discord ‘Invalid Phone Number’ Error

September 3, 2022

What do you do when Discord says Invalid Phone Number? Find out below!

Discord is a social platform that allows its users to create groups and send messages instantly. Users can make calls, send texts, make video calls, and more. Discord is unique because of its straightforward messaging systems, in which users can belong to many different groups and navigate various chat section topics with ease. For each group, there can be multiple contributors who are able to manage and access the server.

Discord runs off of VoIP servers and ensures that these conversations stay private and secure. Users can make endless amounts of groups for whatever they need, whether it be for school or work, they just need to send an invite link to their friends, and anyone can join. For those who are looking to stay on top of their conversations and connect with others, Discord is a great platform for users to communicate with each other with ease.

Why Does Discord Keep Saying “Invalid Phone Number”?

If you’re on the platform and find yourself asking, “Why is Discord saying my phone number is invalid?” or you are receiving an invalid phone number message when registering for the site, the phone number or number(s) you have entered or provided in the login process is creating an error in the server.

The number you provided is resulting in an inability to log in or access your account. You can access your account information by login into your Discord account profile on your computer or cellular device. Under the account section, you will see your account information, where you can find your username, email, and registered phone number.

When receiving this message, you can follow some simple troubleshooting tips to try and solve the problem. Following the troubleshooting tips found in the “How Can I Fix Discord’s Invalid Phone Number Error?” section will allow you to discern which one of these instances may be the issue with the Discord verification error.

How Can I Fix Discord’s Invalid Phone Number Error?

Though Discord is a relatively straightforward platform that helps users connect and share information, you may face frustrating issues, such as the claim by the application that your phone number is invalid.

Many have found that they meet this problem even though they believe they entered their number correctly. Be prepared to check your information in the profile section, and take some extra steps in order to solve this problem.

If Discord is notifying you that your contact information is incorrect and is prompting you to change or update your number, here are some tips for troubleshooting this problem:

  • If you encounter a message that states, “An existing Discord is already using this phone number,” or the message states that you will need to remove the phone number before it can be used with a new account, you may have already registered your mobile or cellular phone number with another account.
  • Check if the phone number you used to register has already been registered to another account. You cannot register the same number to multiple accounts, as this will cause verification issues with the server. If your cellular or mobile number has already been registered to another account, see the section titled “What Else Can I Do if This Didn’t Work?” for additional options to solve this problem.
  • If you cannot access the other account with the registered phone number, you can sign up for a temporary number to register with another account. Renting a phone number will allow you to register for an unlimited number of accounts, and you will no longer need to worry about your phone number being rejected from the site. Click here to learn how to verify a Discord account without a cellular number. This option will allow you to have a phone number that can be changed as needed in case there is another issue with the invalid phone number error.
  • Note that the number added to the account will need to be from the same country where the account was first registered. The region or area code of the mobile phone number may have been set in an incorrect way when registering. Check that it matches the region your mobile number is located in.
  • Ensure that your phone number has been entered correctly. Double-check that it matches your number; if there are any mistakes, correct them.
  • If your phone number does not match the region of the previously entered number, or the area where your account was first registered, you can sign up for a temporary phone number that allows you to select the region and area code required by Discord.
  • If you enter a landline phone number in the registry process, you will be unable to register with this type of number. Enter a mobile, cellular, or non-VoIP number instead.
  • You can also send a direct request to get help from Discord.

What Else Can I Do if This Didn’t Work?

Check out these additional troubleshooting tips if you have followed the above information and still receive the “Invalid Phone Number” verification message on your phone’s Discord platform:

  • Confirm that your mobile number can receive SMS messages. To do this, you must ensure that your provider allows SMS messages. Also, check that you have a strong cellular network connection.
  • If you are facing a Discord verification error, you have clicked “send” on the SMS verification one too many times, and your phone number would not be able to be verified at this high frequency of sent SMS messages. There may be a limitation on how many SMS verification messages can be sent to one number per day. If you find this instance to be the case, you will need to try and register at a later time in the day or on the following day.
  • Also, you will need to turn off any blocking features or anti-virus apps on your phone that block SMS messages. These features will prevent you from receiving SMS verification.