What To Do: ‘Invalid Phone Number’ Crypto.com

September 3, 2022

Is Crypto.com giving you a hard time? Learn how to navigate this error message below.

Cryptocurrency is evergrowing in popularity as the world of technology is advancing, and traditional cash methods are falling out of style. Financially savvy individuals have increasingly used cryptocurrency in previous years as the currency grows as a preferred payment method.

Crypto.com is a cryptocurrency exchange company that offers services such as a crypto wallet, VISA card, and a currency portfolio, as users can have control of their crypto assets. The company boasts itself to be a beginner-friendly exchange service that operates at a global level. With their services, they offer three main core products, such as payment services, financial services, and financial trading services.

Why Do I Get The “Invalid Phone Number” Message on Crypto.com?

If you are receiving an invalid phone number message when registering for Crypto.com, note that the phone number or number(s) you entered or provided in the login process are creating an error in the app’s server. The provided number will result in an inability to log in or access the account you are trying to make.

When receiving this message, one can follow some simple troubleshooting tips to try and solve the problem. Following the troubleshooting tips found in the “How Can I Fix the Invalid Phone Number Error?” section will allow you to discern which one of these instances may be the issue with the invalid phone number message problem.

How Can I Fix the Invalid Phone Number Error?

To fix the Crypto.com phone number error message, you need to update your phone number on the app. Note that the phone number you change or update on your account needs to be located in the same country as your previous device.

Follow these steps to update the phone number registered on the Crypto.com account:

  1. First, locate the settings icon on the home page of the app. It should be in the top left corner of the home page.
  2. Then, select the profile tab.
  3. Next, you will see the phone number currently registered to the account. Click on this phone number to view and edit.
  4. Check that the mobile number has been entered correctly into the profile and matches your current phone number. It is additionally essential to check that the area code and region are accepted by Crypto.com. The requirements are that the phone number you are updating it to matches the same region as the previous number. If it is incorrect, click edit and update the phone number.
  5. You will now need to enter the in-app passcode in order to continue.
  6. A verification message will be sent to your email. Go to your email to verify the phone number request.
  7. Once you locate the email, you will need to click on the “Confirm Now” button in order to update the phone number update request.
  8. You will now need to confirm via SMS verification.
  9. This verification will be sent to the number you have entered into the account profile.

Additionally, you can also check if the phone number you used to register has already been registered to another account. You cannot register the same number to multiple accounts, as this will cause verification issues with the server.

If your cellular or mobile number has already been registered to another account, see the section titled “What Do I Do if These Solutions Didn’t Work?” for additional options to solve this problem.

What Can I Do if I Don’t Have a Valid SIM?

To register for an account with Crypto.com, you will need to provide personal information and a phone number that can receive a one-time passcode or OTP to verify the user.

The required information to register and verify a Crypto.com account is:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Your nationality as well as your date of birth.
  • An email and mobile number for verification purposes.
  • A copy of your ID and additional photo.

If you do not have a valid sim card to use for a mobile phone SMS verification, you can use a non-VoIP number, as offered by Tardigrada.io. Signing up to a temporary number can be used to log in on Crypto.com. The temporary phone number has a fixed location and can be used for SMS verification; this allows you to not rely on your sim card to register for online accounts and more.

What Do I Do if These Solutions Don’t Work?

Check out these additional troubleshooting tips in case you have followed the information above, and you are still receiving the “Invalid Phone Number” Crypto.com message:

  • Confirm that your mobile number can receive SMS messages. To do this, you must ensure that your provider allows SMS messages and that you have a strong cellular network connection.
  • If you have already registered your mobile or cellular phone number with another account, you can sign up for a temporary number to register with another account. This will allow you to register for an unlimited number of accounts, and you will not need to fret about your phone number being rejected from the site.
  • Suppose your new number does not match the region of the previously entered number. In that case, you can sign up for a temporary phone number that allows you to select the region and area code of the previous number.
  • If you clicked “send” on the SMS verification one too many times, your phone number would not be able to be verified at this high frequency of sent SMS messages. There may be a limitation on how many SMS verification messages can be sent to one number per day. If you find this instance to be the case, you will need to try and register at a later time in the day or on the following day.
  • Also, you will need to turn off any blocking features or anti-virus apps on your phone that block SMS messages. These features will prevent you from receiving SMS verification.