App Not Loading? Get Solutions Here!

November 19, 2022

Read this article to fix the loading issue. is a crypto-currency platform that has taken the world by storm. With its new Visa card option, users can now make purchases with their cards at retail locations. Within the app, users can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency with the touch of a button. has made cryptocurrency accessible and more popular amongst financial populations and has seen immense growth in crypto users. App Not Loading: How to Fix (non-infographic)

Unfortunately, this site holds users’ financial accounts, and when issues occur, it can cause distress. We know that you should not have to stress over accessing your money; this article will help provide solutions to loading issues that can occur with the app.

Possible Reasons for the Loading Issue

The following reasons will provide some background information on why the app is not loading. Read on to learn more!

You have a poor internet connection

Without an internet or cellular connection, the possibility of the app loading is next to zero. Check your connection at the top of your screen or access settings to check the strength of your signal. To re-establish your connection, be sure to disconnect and reconnect from the internet. You can additionally reset your network settings, in the settings tab, under the reset option.

The server is down

The site may be down or is being updated. If you encounter an error message or are unable to open the app, this may be the case. You can check the status of the server here.

If the server is down, you will need to wait until the site is back up and running before being able to access your account. You can also check the server here, directly from, to ensure that there are no other issues with the server.

Your device needs to be refreshed

If you have an excess amount of apps open on your phone, your device may not be able to handle another app. Close out all open tabs or apps before attempting to access the platform. Once you do, try opening the app again, you may find that the app is able to open without issues once you have cleared other apps.

Solutions to Fix the Loading Issue

Here are some solutions that we recommend to fix the app loading issue.

Update app

An out-of-date app may crash or have bugs that cause glitches, impairing your access to the application. Check the app version you have on your device by going to the App Store. If there is a newer version or update to the app available, download it to see if this issue still occurs.

If your current software does not support the new version of the app, you will need to take the extra step to update your device’s software. Updating both the software and the app can solve any glitches in the functionality of your device as well as the apps. Your new software will now be able to support the app without any further issues.

Update software

To update your software, you can go into the general settings app on your device. Under the software tab, you may see a notification that states that a new software update is available. If this is the case, updating your software can help support the functions of the app that are additionally required for it to run properly.

Restart Device

Simply restarting your device can also help to reset any issues that are occurring with your device or the app. Once you power off your device, be sure to wait a few seconds before powering it back on. Once your device is on, attempt to reopen the app and see if this solves the problem.

Alternative Solutions That You Can Try

Check out these additional solutions you can try to fix the app loading issue.

Log in on your computer

Try to access your account on through a browser instead of the app, whether that is on your phone’s browser or on a computer. If you are able to access the site through a browser, the issue is most likely occurring within the app that is downloaded on your device.

This can help provide some insight on how to better troubleshoot the issue with the app.

Clear Cache and Cookies

From your browser, access the settings tab and select clear cache and cookies. Clearing this data may remove saved passwords from your browser but can help clear any bugs that are stored on your browser. This may help the site load properly and without any previously stored issues.

Visit the help center

We apologize if our tips were not able to solve your problem. has a help section with articles and support for other common issues that occur with the site. On this page, you can learn more information on other steps you can take to complete certain requirements from the site.

Click here to visit the help center, and learn more about how to solve this loading issue.

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