Coinbase App Not Loading: How to Fix

November 19, 2022

If your Coinbase app is having some loading issues, read this article for help.

Coinbase is a platform that allows you to sell all various types of cryptocurrencies. Coinbase offers users an easy-to-use platform where the homepage shows one’s watchlist. They also have an assets tab that shows your current assets on different time frames so you can see the growth of your crypto.

You can also see the performance balance and price of each crypto that you own. The trade tab allows users to directly buy and sell any crypto while also giving you options to earn interest on specific cryptos. One of the highlights is zero percent commission fees when trading USDC, also known as the US Dollar coin.

Coinbase app not loading: how to fix (non-infographic)

Another great feature is that you can send and receive crypto for free if the recipient also has a Coinbase account. Coinbase also allows users to send crypto to any other crypto wallet. Coinbase also offers a Visa debit card, allowing users to spend their crypto at retail locations while earning up to four percent back in crypto rewards.

Why Won’t the Coinbase App Load?

The Coinbase app offers a lot of features that attract users to its service. Though the app can be easy to use and can offer many options on how to manage cryptocurrency, it can commonly have loading issues, resulting in frustrations amongst users. See our tips below on why your Coinbase site is not loading on your device.

Your software on your device may need to be updated to support a newer version of the app

Make sure that your device is updated with the newest updated software available. An out-of-date software will not run well, and you will most likely face loading issues and more.

You can check what software is needed on your device by accessing your settings. Scroll down until you see the software update tab, and select it to check on your current software. If your current device software is not up to date, proceed to download the newest version before checking to see if this has solved the Coinbase app loading issue.

The server is down

Outages on Coinbase are common. This app is a marketplace for crypto users to buy and sell and can have many issues as there is a large number of users conducting transactions. If the app is not loading or it is crashing as you are attempting to enter your wallet, you may want to check the status of the server.

You can do this by clicking here and checking The Coinbase status directly from the Coinbase website.

High Traffic

If certain crypto has an immense amount of traffic, the app or crypto itself may not load. For example, meme coins, such as the Will Smith coin, can draw an unusually high number of users to the app at the same time.

These users may be trying to purchase the crypto all at once, which causes the server to become overloaded and the app to crash. This is in relation to pump and dump momentums of certain coins.

If the Coinbase app is crashing at an instance such as this, we recommend waiting until this traffic overload has passed, as there also is an unusually high commission fee during this time.

How to Fix Coinbase Site Loading Issue?

If your Coinbase app is not loading, here are some tips you can try in order to regain access to the app.

Sign in and out of your account

To troubleshoot your app, you can attempt to log in and out of your account to see if this improves the loading capabilities of the app. If you are finding that you are unable to log into your account at all, you can log into your account on another device.

Once you log in on another device, be sure to log out before attempting to access your account on the Coinbase app.

Turn off your VPN

If you are accessing Coinbase with a VPN, it may be preventing you from accessing your account due to privacy reasons. Turn off the VPN before loading the app to see if this solves the problem.

Troubleshoot your internet or cellular connection

Coinbase requires a strong connection to the internet. This will be needed in order to load properly. The first step you can take to troubleshoot this issue is to check your connection. Be sure that you have enough bars on your device.

You can turn off your Wi-fi or cellular service to re-establish your connection. You can do this by accessing this in your settings. Once you have turned one or both of these services off, you can turn them back on. From here, wait a few seconds before attempting to load the Coinbase app.

More Tips for Coinbase Loading Issue

The Coinbase app still won’t load? Here are some final troubleshooting tips that we recommend implementing in order to solve this issue.

Restart the device

If you have attempted the steps above and are still facing this issue, you can take an additional step to troubleshoot by restarting your device. Oftentimes, our devices just need a fresh start. Turn off your device and then proceed to turn it back on. From there, you can try to access the app once again.

Delete the app

You can take an extra troubleshooting step by deleting the app and redownloading it to reset any issues that were occurring before. Once you have done this step, you can try to access the Coinbase app again.

Get help from the Customer Support team

If your app is still loading slowly or not at all, you can reach out for help from the Coinbase support team. They may help you with some next steps you can take if this is an ongoing issue. Click here to be redirected.

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