Canva Project Not Saving? Let Us Help!

October 8, 2022

Working on Canva and your project isn’t saving? Read on to learn more.

Canva is a graphic design company that also operates on an online platform. This site provides its users with the necessary templates, graphics, and formats to create digital media. Canva is used by a large audience, from students to marketing professionals, who benefit from the site’s easy-to-use functionality and accessibility.

Canva Project Not Saving? (non-infographic)

Nothing is more discouraging than spending countless hours on Canva, creating and finalizing a project, only for it not to save. Though oftentimes this can be a simple error on your part, there is also an error that can occur on the Canva site that may be out of your control, such as the site being down.

If you find that your project is not being saved or you are receiving an error message when trying to save your work, we have some answers for you. Read on for some reasons why your project is not saving and some ways to fix the problem.

Why Did My Project Not Save?

Projects on Canva are saved as you create them. This is a feature that comes in handy as you create and can save you from losing your hard work. Unfortunately, when this Canva feature is not working, your work may be lost without you knowing. If you notice that your project is not being saved as you go, the reasons below may provide some more insight into what is going on.

Intermittent or Weak Internet Connect

Check the strength of your internet connection. If you have weak internet strength, the Canva platform will not have a strong enough connection to support the data requirement. If your website connection is spotty, your project will also not be able to be updated and may have some issues when being saved. Some option to troubleshoot your internet connection is to reset your network settings.

Go into your device settings and select network settings, often time found under the General Tab, and then select Reset. This will reset your settings and optimize your connection. To reset your wifi, you can open Network Preferences and then check the status of your wifi Connection. To check the wifi from your router, look at the signal strength on the router.

Resetting your router if the strength is low is another way to reset and reconnect your signal to better connect your Canva connection.

Browser Needs to Be Refreshed

Refreshing your browser is a quick and easy troubleshooting option. Click on the refresh button at the top of your browser, though be aware that you may lose your project. If you are not in a position to risk losing your project, see the next section titled How to Fix Canva Project Not Saving.

Outdated Browser

An outdated browser will result in loading issues on your online sites. Check the browser version that you are using, and ensure that it is the most recent one. If it is not, be sure to update the browser and check in with your Canva platform to see if the issue is still occurring.

How to Fix Canva Project Not Saving

To fix the issue with saving, see the troubleshooting examples below to see which ones apply to your situation.

Clear your Browser Cache and Cookies

The cache and cookies stored on your browser can cause loading issues because they can tend to become overloaded. Clearing them can optimize your connection and improve the functionality of your browser. Make note that this will log you out of other sites, requiring you to log in again.

Check the Status Bar

Canva saves your progress on projects as you go. You can check the status bar at the top of the project to ensure that it is saved. The save icon appears as a cloud with a checkmark on it. If you see this icon, your project has been saved and will not need to be saved manually.

Try Switching Browsers

If your project is still not being saved, try an alternate browser to troubleshoot. Open a different browser and log into Canva. From here, you can copy and paste your design into a blank project. Check to see if the project can be saved on this browser. If so, the conclusion results in the other browser being the issue, and it most likely needs to be updated.

Enable JavaScript on your Browser

If the saving issue is occurring in your browser, check to see if JavaScript is enabled on your browser. Canva needs this plugin in order to run on your browser without any issues.

Editor is Locked

If your project is being saved, and the editor function is locked, the issue most like is with your browser or internet settings. Canva uses a program called WebSockets to save your design automatically. You can test the saving issue here to find out if the program is functioning correctly.

Project Still Not Saving? Additional Canva Troubleshooting Tips

Manually Save your Project

If your project is not saving by itself, you can save them manually. Start by clicking on File, then Save, located on the status bar at the top of your project. From here, check to ensure that the project has been saved by selecting the icon with three dots in one line from the menu. Then check the Save status.

Reach Out to the Canva Support Team

Click here to reach out to the support team at Canva for more help. You can also browse their sections to learn more about common issues and problems on the platform.

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