What To Do: Canva Not Loading

September 24, 2022

Can it not load? Is a big project due? Our article has some solutions.

Canva is a graphic design company, as well as an online resource for creatives and graphically minded individuals. For those looking to Create easily, this platform is a great tool to easily create items such as posters, calendars, cards, flyers, logos, and more. Canva provides its users with templates and stickers to easily create anything they need to do.

Canva is used commonly in the marketing specter to create promotional or social media content that helps to represent their companies and read out to viewers. Canva is a tool that goes beyond design but recently launched a visual worksite for its users to really dive into their site. This new site can help individuals run their businesses.

Did you know Canva’s headquarters are in Sydney, Australia? This ever-growing company also is bound to face some issues along the way, as issues with loading or logging in can cause frustrations for users.

Why is Canva Not Loading?

Here are some relevant reasons why you may be having issues on the Canva platform:

Internet issues

You will need a strong, consistent, and stable internet or cellular connection to support the web services of Canva. Be sure to check your connection, as well as disconnect and reconnect as necessary.

Issues with your account

If you are logged into Canva, try logging out and back in. If you cannot log into your account, you may be facing some issues with your password or verification phone number that are causing Canva to not work.

The browser is not up to date

Check and see if you have the most current version of the app or browser; this will help to support the platform and prevent any loading issues.

What Can I Do if Canva Won’t Load?

Restart the platform

You can do this by forcing the app or browser to close and then reopening it to try again. Once you do this, you can go ahead and try to access the platform or the project you were doing.

Try to access it on another device

The error might only be occurring on the device that you are using to access Canva. If you find that this is the case, the issue is not with the platform but with your device. From there, you can try and update your software to better support the function of the platform.

Restart the device that you are accessing the app on.

Restarting the device that you are on can help to reset any connections. Try this if the tips above do not work.

If you are on the app: delete the app and then try to reinstall it again

Users have found that this oftentimes solves the problem. See if this problem is fixed by deleting the app and reinstalling it.

Check your antivirus and firewall programs

Your antivirus and firewall may be preventing Canva from loading. Go into your computer or browser preferences and check that Canva is not being mistakenly blocked by these programs. You can do this by accusing the settings/preferences on your computer and clicking on those programs.

Check your browser extensions

Adblock and certain extensions block sites from loading or streaming on your computer. Be sure to check if there are extensions preventing you from accessing Canva on your device, and be sure to disconnect them.

Check for popup windows

If you are having issues with Canva loading, check your browser to see if any popups windows are being blocked. This will appear as a notification on the browser or as an image of a little square will appear with an X next to the URL of Canva at the top of your browser. Clicking on this notification or changing your popup settings on this browser can prevent any future issues with accessing Canva.

Is This Error Still Occurring? Canva Troubleshooting Help and Alternative Options

Canva is a fantastic tool, but if it is not working, it can slow down your big project or work day.

See our tips below.

Reach out to the support team

Reaching out to the support team at Canva for extra help with this loading issue once you are able to get on the site. If you found that these tips did not solve the issue, there most likely is something else going on with your account causing Canva to not load. The support team at Canva might be able to provide insight and assistance with any additional problems you may have. Click here to contact Canva support.

Change your phone number on the account

Did you know that changing the phone number listed on the account can update the user information? Registering your Canva account with a new phone number allows you to update your account and not have it tied to your name.

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Temporary phone numbers are a great tool when it comes to registry and verification processes. A rented number can be used to register for your Canva account, keeping your number private. Rented phone numbers are a great tool for you or your business.

Some benefits of registering on Canva with a rented number are that if there are any verification issues or if you change your number, you won’t be locked out of your account. Often time, updating your number can help with any other login issues and can keep your account safe from hackers.

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