File on Canva Not Downloading On your Device? We Can Help

October 8, 2022

File from Canva not downloading? This article breaks down possible reasons why this is occurring and how to solve this problem.

For creatives everywhere, Canva is an indispensable tool that can be used in a variety of ways. With their easy-to-use templates, users can become their own designers. The user-friendly interface of Canva has made the platform popular amongst its 75 million active users. For those looking to create digital media, whether it be for work or personal use, Canva is a one-stop shop for graphically minded individuals everywhere.

Canva File Not Downloading on Phone: How to Fix (non-infographic)

If you are one of the 75 million active users, you may be accustomed to facing technological errors on Canva. This article provides solutions for files from Canva, not downloading on your device. See the section below to see some possible reasons no why this issue is occurring.

Why Is Canva File Not Downloading?

Are you having issues downloading files from Canva? The errors listed below are some possible reasons why this is happening.

Poor Internet Connection

A weak connection to the internet will result in your downloads being prevented from properly being downloaded on your device. Prior to downloading the necessary file, check your internet connection or router. If you have a poor connection to the internet, try disconnecting the device and reconnecting. If the issue is your Wi-Fi or cellular service, reset your network settings or reset your router. Even unplugging your router can help reconnect your connection. Note that a total loss of connection to the internet may result in your project being lost. Make sure your project is saved before resetting or reconnecting your internet connection.

Your Browser Needs to Be Refreshed or Updated

Refresh your browser and try your download again. Sometimes our browsers need to be refreshed to work seamlessly. If this does not solve the issue, check to see what version of the browser you are accessing Canva on. If it is an older version, it will need to be brought back up to date in order to guarantee the best performance of your browser while operating internet platforms.

Browser Cache and Cookies Needs to Be Cleared

Cookies are text files that contain small amounts of data. They identify your computer and store information. A cache is similar to cookies, as it also stores data but is in the form of a software component. The cache serves future requests by working to allow the device to access data faster. Clearing the cookies and cache resolves problems such as loading issues that have been stored previously.

Solutions for the Canva Download Issue

Here are some solutions to solve this issue and get you back on track to complete your designs. Selected which troubleshooting topic could apply to your situation. If none of these tips fix your download issue, see the section titled “Tips Didn’t Work? More Tips on the Canva Download Issue” for more information.


If your file is not automatically downloaded on your device, this may occur because Canva prevents duplicate files from downloading.

If you are attempting to download a file on Canva, you will need to make some adjustments before attempting to download the file again. The adjustments that you make can be simple as re-selecting the file you wish to download.

Check the bottom right side of the screen, and the download should show up on this part of the page.

When you select the check mark that is located on the bottom left of the page, you will be able to see your downloads. From here, you can press the “Click Here to Download” option. This will download the file directly to your computer.

Try a Different Browser

An additional step that you can take to try to solve this issue is to simply try another browser. Using another browser is a great way to troubleshoot and see if the issue is with the browser. If you are able to log in and download the file on another browser, it most likely means that the previous browser needs to be updated or lacks a plug-in such as JavaScript in order to support Canva.

Log Out of Your Account

Log out and back into your account can help to refresh any issues that could be occurring with your account. If you are unable to log back into your account due to SMS verification issues, see the section titled Use a Rented Phone Number to Register Your Account to solve this issue.

Select a Different File Type and Try Again

You can also select a different file type to attempt your download. If your download was a PDF, change it to another file type, such as a JPNG. A different file type may be able to be downloaded with no issues.

Tips Didn’t Work? More Solutions on the Canva Download Issue

Make a Copy and Download Again

Making a copy of the file you would like to download and attempting to download it is another alternative solution to troubleshoot this issue.

Contact the Support Team at Canva

You can also contact the Canva support team for more help on this matter.

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