Why Can’t I Verify My Online Account?

July 23, 2022

A nightmare for those who depend on social media, we’ll discuss why failure to verify happens, and some ways to fix it.

Why Can’t I Verify My Facebook Account?

With the emergence of Facebook as a giant in both the social and digital world, having and maintaining an account can be extremely important to those from all walks of life. As a result, having issues ranging from minor glitches to not being able to access an account can be disheartening and disastrous for those who have an increased reliance on the site. Because of this growing need, knowing how to handle these inevitable inconveniences is of the utmost importance. Below are some common issues you might find and how to confront them easily and efficiently.

Why Can’t I Verify My Online Account? (non-infographic)

I Didn’t Receive a Verification Code

This is a fairly common occurrence that happens to a great many people. If you don’t receive this code, your whole progress toward verification is stopped in its tracks. The first step to try is to not panic. Though scary and frustrating in nature, not receiving a verification code is a simpler problem to solve than one might let on and Tardigrada is here to help!

Since this issue goes beyond just the workings of Facebook itself, the next tangible step would be to identify if you are able to receive and send text messages in the first place. For this, it is best to contact your cellular provider for absolute confirmation. Other good ways to troubleshoot this are to check your internet availability, send an “On” or “Fb” to 32665, and to make sure that Facebook is sending to the right number. If the problem still manages to persist, wait at least 24 hours to see if there are any delays.

I Haven’t Confirmed My Email Address or Mobile Phone Number

When presented with the option, it is usually in your best interest to confirm an email address or phone number. This way, and especially with Facebook, you can have multiple ways to interact and verify yourself with the site. Luckily, if you are still not receiving a confirmation text or email, Facebook provides an easy-to-follow process to doing this that should take no more than an hour, max.

If you are having trouble completing these actions, there are a couple of actions to be taken:

  • Check that the number you entered is correct
  • Resend the text message
  • Receive a phone call
  • Use your email instead (if possible)

I Can’t Find My Facebook Sign-Up Confirmation Email

Another common problem related to Facebook, not receiving a confirmation email can be frustrating and stressful to deal with. Luckily, since this issue is much easier than the previous ones, here are some tips on getting that coveted message:

  • Check if the email entered is correct
  • Make sure to check any auxiliary email folders such as “junk” or “spam”
  • Confirm that your Internet connection is solid for receiving emails
  • Use your phone number as an alternative (if possible)

Why Can’t I Verify My Instagram Account?

Instagram is another big social giant now owned by those overseeing Facebook. When the merge happened, an already staple of the social media scene gained a huge boost, along with some new features held by the Facebook site itself. Because of these factors, the ability to access your account or even get the title of “Verified” can be a big deal depending on how much the social giant is a part of your life.

What Does Verification Mean?

Verification with Instagram shares the same meaning with a multitude of other sites such as is now related website Facebook, and should not be confused with “Getting Verified”. In this case, verification is simply linking your account to your email or phone number, thereby verifying that the account is owned by a real individual. This type of verification has its own benefits and disadvantages. The main advantages of verifying your account in this manner are that you can use two-step verification effectively, and have a failsafe if you forget your password whatever the reason may be.

How Is Getting “Verified” Different From “Verifying My Account?”

Not to be confused with the previously mentioned “verification”, getting verified is a whole separate topic most usually exclusive to large social media sites. Contrary to verification, being “verified” is a title granted to those notable and important to certain communities and topics. Instagram wishes to make it extremely clear that having the title of “verified’’ is not an endorsement from the company, but simply an acknowledgment of one’s importance and influence related to a topic of interest or group of individuals. Every account that wishes to be verified must go through an application first that is judged by an individual associated with Instagram itself. There are many reasons why an application might be denied, the biggest of which is not following Instagram’s “Terms of Use” and their “Community Guidelines”. Though following these rules certainly does not mean immediate verification, they are a great start for anyone wishing to make an attempt.

What Happens if Instagram Detects Malicious Intent with Verification?

Instagram is always on the lookout for malicious activity and works with little tolerance for such actions. It is commonplace for Instagram to do checks on the accounts held within itself, and if any discrepancies are in fact found, the company will take swift and immediate action. A big breach of the site’s laws is buying or selling verified accounts, as the title of verification is amongst other things, a method of knowing that the person presented on the account is who they say they are to be.

How to Avoid Getting Pinged as a “Malicious” Instagram Account

Getting pinged as malicious can be an influencer’s worst nightmare. Luckily, along with a channel to report issues, the issue doesn’t usually happen without warrant. In effect, this means that as long as you follow Instagram’s codes and rules, issues like that should rarely, if ever, happen to you.

With becoming verified, and thereby more visible to the public, attempts from hackers trying to reach your account and personal information may happen much more often. A great way to avoid such an issue is to purchase a virtual phone number. By doing this, you actively separate your personal information away from Instagram and further from the hands of scammers. With reliable providers like Tardigrada.io, you can feel safe that your personal number is well guarded, while also being able to use your new phone number in the pursuit of verification of all sorts.