Bypass Blizzard Phone Number Verification: Tips and Tricks

June 24, 2023

Blizzard Phone Number Verification is a step taken by Blizzard Entertainment to enhance the security of their user’s accounts and prevent fraud. However, sometimes it could be inconvenient or impossible to complete this process due to various reasons. In this blog post, we will discuss why someone might need to bypass Blizzard Phone Number Verification, methods that can be used for such purposes and the potential risks associated with doing so.

Why bypass Blizzard Phone Number Verification?

Bypassing Blizzard phone number verification is a commonly used practice among gamers. The process of providing personal information, including the phone number can be inconvenient and time-consuming. Additionally, users have privacy concerns over sharing their personal data with third-party services.

Bypassing Blizzard phone number verification can compromise the security of your account.

However, simply bypassing phone number verification creates a false sense of security since it eliminates an essential layer for protecting user accounts from unauthorized access. It is crucial to understand that account security should always be a top priority when using online gaming platforms like Blizzard.

Inconvenience of verification

The verification process for Blizzard’s phone number can be a lengthy and frustrating experience. Users have reported difficulties in accessing their phone numbers, which causes further delays in the verification process. Verification errors are also common and can lead to false rejections or unnecessary retries.

In some cases, users may seek ways to bypass the verification process altogether due to the inconvenience it poses. However, this is not recommended as it undermines the security measures put in place by Blizzard to protect user accounts from unauthorized access. It is important for users to persevere through any inconveniences during verification and ensure that their account remains secure with proper authentication methods such as two-factor authentication.

Privacy concerns

Exposure of personal information, risk of identity theft, and lack of control over data are just a few privacy concerns that have grown in recent years. The need for verification has become commonplace in many aspects of our lives. However, this need can also result in the exposure of personal information. Phone numbers, for example, can be used to track individuals or even steal their identities.

Blizzard’s phone number verification process is no exception to these concerns. While it may seem like an added layer of security for users’ accounts, it also exposes personal information and increases the risk of identity theft. Additionally, users may feel they lack control over their own data as Blizzard collects and stores their phone numbers.

As such, some users have sought ways to bypass Blizzard’s phone number verification process altogether. While doing so may seem convenient at first glance, it opens up further security risks and gives a false sense of security since account recovery mechanisms will be limited without accurate contact information on file with Blizzard.

Overall then we should balance the inconvenience posed by verification measures against potential privacy dangers before making any decisions about whether or not to participate in them: if you do choose to verify your phone number with Blizzard we recommend using two-factor authentication along with other best practices around passwords management etc., while avoiding attempts at bypassing these processes which could lead down paths where our data becomes less secure than ever before!

False sense of security

Phone numbers can be easily obtained through social engineering tactics, making it easier for hackers to gain access to accounts. This false sense of security is often reinforced by verification processes that require a phone number, but these measures do not guarantee account safety. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Hackers can use phone numbers as a way to bypass two-factor authentication and gain access to accounts.

  • Social engineering tactics like phishing emails or fake customer service calls can trick users into giving out their phone number and other personal information.

  • Verification may seem like an effective safeguard against unauthorized access, but it’s important to remember that this is just one layer of protection.

Ultimately, relying solely on verification methods like Blizzard’s phone number requirement could leave your account vulnerable. It’s crucial for users to remain vigilant against potential threats and take additional steps like using strong passwords or enabling multi-factor authentication whenever possible.

Methods to bypass Blizzard Phone Number Verification

When it comes to bypassing Blizzard phone number verification, there are a few methods that can be effective. One option is to use a virtual phone number, which can be obtained through various online services. Another method is using a pre-activated phone number, which may require some research or networking with others who have already gone through the verification process.

If you have a trusted friend willing to help out, their phone number could also be used for verification purposes. Lastly, disposable phone number services can provide temporary numbers that can be used solely for the purpose of passing Blizzard’s verification process. While these methods may vary in effectiveness and convenience depending on your situation, they offer potential solutions if you are struggling with Blizzard’s strict security measures.

Use a virtual phone number

Sign up for a virtual phone number service to bypass Blizzard phone number verification. This method allows you to receive the verification code through a separate phone number, so you don’t have to give out your personal one. Follow these steps:

  • Choose a reliable virtual phone number service provider and sign up for an account.

  • Enter the virtual phone number during the verification process on Blizzard’s website or app.

  • Wait for the verification code to be sent to your virtual phone service, then enter it into Blizzard’s verification field.

By using a virtual phone number, you can protect your privacy while still completing important tasks like verifying your identity with Blizzard.

Use a pre-activated phone number

Find and purchase a pre-activated SIM card from any mobile provider. Insert the SIM card into your device and you will have instant access to a phone number that is ready for use. This option is perfect for those who do not want to go through the hassle of activating their own phone number or those without an existing mobile plan.

Use this pre-activated number for Blizzard Phone Number Verification by entering it as your primary contact number during account creation. Since the SIM card is already activated, you won’t need to worry about receiving a text message with a verification code or waiting for activation timeframes associated with new phone numbers. Simply input your pre-activated number and bypass Blizzard’s phone verification process quickly and easily.

Use a friend’s phone number

Ask permission from your friend to use their phone number for Blizzard Phone Number Verification. Make sure they are available to receive verification codes on your behalf and have access to their phone during the process. Enter their details accurately when prompted by Blizzard’s verification system.

Using a friend’s phone number can be an easy alternative for bypassing Blizzard Phone Number Verification, but it is important to obtain permission and ensure that they will be available throughout the process. Inaccurate information or a lack of availability could result in delays or even failure of the verification process, so attention to detail is key.

Use a disposable phone number service

If you’re looking to bypass Blizzard phone number verification, using a disposable phone number service could be the solution. Disposable phone numbers allow you to receive text messages and calls without revealing your real personal information. Here are some benefits of using a disposable phone number:

  • Protects your privacy:

  • By providing a fake phone number, you can keep your real identity safe from unwanted attention or spam.

  • Easy setup:

  • Most services offer quick and simple registration processes that don’t require any personal details.

  • Affordable:

  • Many providers offer free trials or low-cost plans that won’t break the bank.

To use this method, simply sign up for a disposable number service online and follow their instructions for receiving verification codes via call or text message. With this option in hand, you can verify your Blizzard account without risking exposure of sensitive data.

Risks of bypassing Blizzard Phone Number Verification

Bypassing Blizzard phone number verification may seem like a quick solution to access your account, but it comes with significant risks. Firstly, bypassing this security measure can result in the suspension or termination of your account. Blizzard takes their security protocols seriously and any attempt to circumvent them is viewed as an unauthorized action.

Secondly, attempting to bypass phone number verification can lead to loss of access to your account altogether. In some cases, the system may flag your account as suspicious activity and restrict it until you verify via phone number or other means.

Lastly, there are legal consequences involved with bypassing Blizzard’s security measures. The company has policies in place regarding fraudulent activities that could result in legal investigations and potential prosecution if found guilty.

It’s essential not to overlook the importance of adhering to these safety protocols put into place by companies such as Blizzard. Attempting to bypass them puts not only yourself at risk but also potentially harms others who rely on these systems for safe online interactions.

Account suspension or termination

Phone number verification is a security measure implemented by Blizzard to protect their users’ accounts. It requires the user to provide a valid phone number and confirm it via a text message. Bypassing this process, such as using fake information or third-party services, can lead to account suspension or even termination.

Blizzard prioritizes account security and has strict policies in place for violators. Any suspicious activity detected on an account could result in temporary or permanent suspension of the account. In extreme cases, legal consequences may also be pursued against those who attempt to bypass phone number verification or any other security measures put in place by Blizzard. It’s important for users to follow all recommended security protocols and not risk losing access to their accounts due to negligence or intentional misconduct.

Loss of account access

Bypassing phone number verification can lead to the loss of access to your Blizzard account. Although it may seem like a quick fix, resorting to bypass methods puts your account security at risk and violates Blizzard’s terms of service. The consequences can be severe, including permanent suspension or termination of your account.

Losing access to your Blizzard account can have a significant impact on your gaming experience. You could lose progress made in games, purchased items, and even personal information stored on the account. It is crucial to take measures that ensure you never lose access in the first place.

Instead of bypassing phone number verification, there are several ways you can avoid losing access without compromising security. These include setting up two-factor authentication with an authenticator app or email address linked directly to your Blizzard account and keeping all contact information up-to-date. Taking these steps will help keep your valuable data safe while ensuring uninterrupted playtime on one of the world’s most popular gaming platforms - Blizzard Entertainment!

Attempting to bypass phone number verification for Blizzard accounts is frowned upon and can result in severe consequences. The act of trying to circumvent security measures put in place by a company like Blizzard violates their terms of service, which could lead to account suspension or termination.

Furthermore, there are possible legal ramifications for attempting a bypass. Previous cases have resulted in lawsuits and fines for individuals who were caught attempting to hack into online accounts. It’s important to remember that the internet is not an anonymous space and actions online can have real-world consequences.

For example, in 2018 a man was sentenced to two years’ imprisonment after using stolen personal information from SIM card providers to gain access to victims’ cryptocurrency accounts. These types of cases show that attempting any kind of account takeover or bypass can lead down a dangerous path with serious repercussions.


In conclusion, bypassing Blizzard phone number verification can be a risky and illegal process. In addition to violating the terms of service, it also puts your account security at risk. It is recommended that you follow the proper procedures for verifying your phone number as outlined by Blizzard to ensure the safety and integrity of your account.

However, if you are experiencing difficulties with verifying your phone number or have concerns about privacy issues related to providing personal information, contacting Blizzard customer support may provide helpful solutions or alternatives. As experts in their field, they can guide you through the process and address any concerns or questions regarding account security and data privacy.

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