Blizzard Phone Number Bypass (2022’s Working Method)

August 15, 2022

Did you know that, for the quarter that ended on March 31, 2022, the revenue of Activision Blizzard was $1.77 billion? Additionally, for this same quarter, net bookings totaled $1.48 billion and the number of active monthly users was 372 million.

If you’re hoping to create a Blizzard account, but you don’t want to give them your phone number, you might be feeling stressed. Fortunately, in this article, we’ll review how you can complete the Blizzard phone number bypass process.

Finally, you can sign up for Blizzard without having to provide them with your phone number, protecting your privacy. Read on to learn more.

Image showing how to bypass blizzard phone number

Common Reasons People Are Banned From Blizzard

There are several common reasons why people are banned from Blizzard. One of these is that they use cheating or botting software to play the game. Another reason is account sharing, while another is chat violations.

When you receive a notification from Blizzard that you’ve been banned or your account has been suspended, they’ll provide you with a broad category as to why this has happened. However, they won’t go into detail.

If your account has been suspended, silenced, or banned you’ll be able to appeal this decision. Read this information before submitting your appeal.

Top Games People Want Access To

There are many top games that people want access to when they sign up for a Warzone Account. These games include World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Warcraft III, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo II (2000), StarCraft II, StarCraft: Brood War, and Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

Supported Country Issues

One of the common issues users face when they’re Blizzard players is that they have issues changing the country of their account. This can be a problem for you if you have an account set up in one country and then want to start playing in a new country.

Players have had the problem where they’ll try to put in their new number. However, when this happens, the country code of their old phone number isn’t something they can change.

As a result, they aren’t able to use Blizzard. If this is the case for you, not to worry: when it comes to how to bypass Blizzard with a phone number that isn’t yours, there’s a way.

Blizzard Phone Number Bypass Solution

To bypass Blizzard phone number verification, all you need to do is get your verification code online through Tardigrada. To get started, you’ll provide them with your current phone number. Even though you’ll have to do this, it’ll be worth it.

This is because you won’t have to give out your phone number online again after that.

Next, you’ll purchase your Tardigrada credits. Bitcoin or Ethereum, or other major cryptocurrency types, can be used to do this. After this, Tardigrada will provide you with a phone number you can use for phone number bypass.

Something important to note is that, with Tardigrada, you have two different phone rental options. You can get a short-term temporary phone number online or a long-term one.

If you go for the long-term option, Tardigrada fixes the Blizzard supported country issues easily and for the long term! It’s like having virtual burner phones.

(Tardigrada is also useful because you can use it to sign up for a variety of different platforms. For example, Tardigrada makes it possible to receive your Google SMS verification code online instead of on your real phone.)

Next Steps

Once you’ve received your temporary phone number, you can create a Blizzard account with the temporary phone number for sign-up. Next, you’ll go to After you’ve opened up the website, click on “Create Account.”

After doing this, the next window will ask you for information so you can sign up. This includes your date of birth and country of residence. You can use your Apple, Google, or Facebook account to sign up.

Next, the website will ask you to provide your first and last names. Then, the website will ask you to provide your phone number and email address. This is when the bypass 2FA phone number online process begins.

Instead of giving them your actual phone number, you’ll provide them with the fake number you got through Tardigrada. Next, you’ll receive an SMS online instead of on your physical phone.

To get access to this SMS, simply go to your Tardigrada dashboard. Then, you can select the verification code they’ve sent to you and put it in. Next, press “Continue.”

In the next window, you’ll have to agree to Blizzard’s rules. Then, you’ll have to provide a password for your account. Now, you’ve got a Blizzard account you can use!

To Note

Note that there’s an added benefit that comes with having a Tardigrada account. If you want to have multiple Blizzard accounts then you need to have multiple phone numbers. Using Tardigrada makes this easy.

All you have to do is buy additional numbers with your Tardigrada credits!

Want to Keep Bypassing?

Now that you’ve learned how to complete the Blizzard phone number bypass process, you might need more information. Maybe you want to learn about other ways to bypass other phone number authentications on a platform like Facebook or Google.

In this case, you should use Tardigrada. We offer both short-term and long-term phone rental. This way, you can protect your privacy online while still getting the access you need.

If you’re interested in getting a short-term or long-term temporary phone number, sign up now.